Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My scrappy life

Hiya!! How's it going? Life here is good. We have been so blessed! I tend to forget that and focus on the nitpicky little things that don't go my way... When all around me I am surrounded by blessings!!
There was a little 8 yr old boy in my DD's school that passed away this week from cancer. How completely heartbreaking!! It sure does make you stop and reasses your time spent. I don't spend enough time just playing with my kids. I need to do that, because before I know it, they will not want Mommy to play anymore and it's then that I'll want to make the time. No more... I will make time for the little things. Like today Sammy wanted me to play Kung Foo Panda with him... How do you play? You run around pertending to be the characters. Man.. Mommy is TOO out of shape to play kung foo! LOL! We had fun though! But no matter how long I played, he still broke into tears every time I said I had to stop... Little squirt!

Now here is some more of my recent scrappy goodness! The Scrap Fest at Paws in giving me GREAT inspiration!!

This LO WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED was done using the new Making Memories papers! Such fun! the photo was taken at Christmas time. I'm such a butterfly-aholic lately! LOL!

This page was done regarding DD's first day of school. After being homeschooled for Kindergarden and wanting to go to real school so bad, once the day came, she was feeling a little "unsure"

I just LOVE bare baby bodies in the summer!! LOL! This pic if DS is one of my favorites! i had to use it 3 times on this page and keep the rest simple just to show it off!

I decided to do a page using all my favorite photo's from 2008... well, I got from Jan - June and there were 23 photo's! EEK! So needless to say there will be a few of these LO's! LOL!

Thanks so much for dropping by! I love your comments! Leave me one and I'll drop by yours and do the same! :)
Happy Scrapping!!


  1. Love your pages Tina!!!
    I cried when I read about that little boy, so sad.
    My motto when my boys were little was "I'll take happy boys over a clean house any day!"
    Taking more time to play is a great idea!

  2. WOW...these are totally totally gorgeous Tina.

    I am so sad about the little sure does make you want to hold your babies a little tighter and linger longer when you kiss them goodnight.

  3. Gorgeous pages, I love the idea of scrapping fav photos of the year...that way, if my kids keep their scrapbooks, I'll have something.


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