Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 5... 32 @ 32

I'm gunna shake things up here a bit tonight! :) I've got an AAM LO finished all but the journaling. i need to think of 32 things about myself! So, I'm going to brainstorm here! :)
1. I am not a late night person.
2. I love to eat out.
3. I am mom to 4 kids.
4. I'm not ready to say I'm done having kids.
5. I am addicted to scrapbooking.
6. When I grow up I'd like to be a photographer.
7. I have 1 Thesis to write and I'll have my Bachelor of Theology.
8. I love staying home.
9. My favorite season is spring.
10. I am a pretty good cook.
11. I am not the most patient person.
12. My favorite color to wear is black.
13. I love flannel pj's.
14. I love a clean house.
15. My house is far from clean due too #3.
16. I love the mountains.
17. I am a big fan of counrty music.
18. I miss having a social life.
19. I'm horrible at keeping in touch with friends.
20. I want to loose about 25 pounds.
21. I love to read, but rarely do.
22. Naps are addictive for me.
23. My favorite show right now is 24.
24. I have a very boring wardrobe.
25. The last movie I watched was Alvin and the Chipmunks.
26. I am still in love with My Husband.
27. My favorite meal is chinese food!
28. I hate winter!
29. I need to work on my spiritual life.
30. I am a procrastinater.
31. Consistency is my biggest struggle.
32. I am Happy.

And there I am in a nutshell! how I'm going to fit that on my page is a mystery to me! LOL!!!!

Tomorrow we wil get back to our regularly scheduled program! :)

Thanks for dropping by!!


  1. This is an awesome list! You are an amazing, beautiful woman. Can't wait to see your layout!

  2. I'd have to say we have alot in common Tina! My list would be 45 @ 45, that's definitely one difference and a few others but not too many! Great list!

  3. Enjoying your blogging Tina!
    Your kids are darling!

  4. very cool. how about hidden journaling?


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