Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 9

Happy Tuesday!
Hope you are having a wonderful start to the week! Nothing really exciting to share here today! We did our Musical Moments program at play group today. That was fun! Then we had lunch with the inlaws. home, had a nap... too long of a nap! Supper was late because of it! Took some time to play the DVD game with the boys and hang out some before bed. All in all, a very unproductive day, but quite enjoyable! Oh, I did manage to catch my kitchen stove on fire though! I boiled over my pot at supper and it caught fire... no panic, no big deal, just a bit of smoke for a few minutes! LOL! I know it'll be the firdt thing Dh says when he comes in! :)
I think DD sprained or broke her second to baby toe tonight! Poor thing... She's having a tough week!

Today I'm thankful for The innocence and sensitivity of my children. It is such a wonderful answer to prayer to see things happening in their lives! God is so good!

Complaining... I miss my Hubby. Sure I see him every day, but life gets busy and we just don't spend a lot of quality time together... I miss that.

Scrappiness... I'm afraid I'm drawing a blank tonight! I am looking forward to scrapping on the weekend... Looks like quite a bit of free time... i hope! :) I plan to scrap the evenings away! DH is going to be busy, so... Scrap i shall!! Scrapbook Trends has some fun calls out there... I thin I'll work on those! Check them out here... Submissions

My pic of the day is just a cute one of the baby after a bath... how cute is this?

Thanks for stopping by! I'm hoping one of these days to get a redecorating job done on the blog... so maybe you'll be suprised one of these visits! :)

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