Monday, February 16, 2009

Day one

Random thoughts:
*I've been feeling so much better since I've been working out almost daily! I have a long way to go, but it sure is a good start!
*I hope Justin does well on his interview. It starts in about 8 minutes... Praying for ya Babe!!
*I hope to scrap today... I have to finish up my Mystery sketch! That has been such fun!
*I'm Tired of laundry and the day is just beginning! DH had the water unhooked from it for a day and now I'm WAY behind! Oh well... all is good!
*I love my hubby. He isn't romantic and sure does stink when it comes to Valentines day... but he's good to me in so many ways that matter more than just one day!
*I REALLY want to get a scrappy cupboard! I have the baskets and all but nowhere to put them... Here's hoping tomorrow's the day!

Today I'm thankful for it being Monday. I love my family being all together, but it gets pretty chaotic and I was SO ready for the weekend to be over.

Why am I so impatient? I get SO frustrated with myself! I get like that and it affects the entire household! I need to learn more patience!! For everyone's sake!

Scrappy thought... how about a sketch for you? It's not new, but it's one I really like! Make sure to shpw me if you try it!!

Photo of the day:
In honor of my Sweet Hubby... here he is!


  1. Love that sketch and photo you posted today. Best of luck with your blog challenge. I so struggle with these kinds of things. My goal is once a week.

  2. I would love to start blogging daily. I trytonce a week and I am horrible at that. Alright. talked me into it...I'll try it out!.

  3. Love that sketch and what a sweet pic! I'm with T...I'm luck to get once a week, but I might try to do it a bit more often :)


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