Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 8

Happy Stormy Monday! You wanna talk about SNOW!! Wow! Did we ever get a lot! And it started snowing again!!! It's blowing around like crazy out there tonight! DH has his fingers crossed for another snow day! :)

So yes, today was a snow day! No school for DH or DD! No work done for me either, but that's ok! I did manage to sleep in a bit AND get a nap this afternoon! Muchly needed! I have been so tired lately! Guess getting up 3-4 times is wearing on me! What can i expect!?

So today I got to spend some time with the kids! This morning we played the new Leapster game that Grammy got for DS's bday. It's really quite cute! It is a DVD that goes into the player, and there is a cordless controler that he uses to activate and control the little game! Great for #'s and ABCs, shapes and all that! So we played that this morning. Then He and I napped together while the older 2 warched a movie after lunch. Then, we all had a musical parade! I am doing a musical program at our Mom's and Tot's group every couple of weeks, so the kids helped me prepare! It was lots of fun! Even DH grabbed an instrument and joined in... don't tell him I told! :)

I need to tell you the caterpillar story. Yesterday when the kids were out playing, DD found a caterpillar! Yes, in the middle of wonter! So, she brought it in and DH got her a dish with a cover for it. She named it Fluffy. We gave Fluffy some lettuce to eat. She checked on him constatly! Well... long story short... Fluffy didn't make it. What a sad day it was here. We even made up a good buy Fluffy poem... which I won't share! LOL! Needless to say, DD was devistated! Cried for quite a while... Poor thing! Now she looks forward to spring so she can get another pet... What about the 2 cats and the dog we have now? LOL! Guess they don't count anymore!

Today i'm thankful for naps. I love naps, really, really do! I get easily addicted to napping, so I need to be careful! But I SO enjoy a quiet afternoon snooze...

Complaint... snow! I'm more than ready for spring to arrive!! Bring it on!

Scrappiness... how about a sketch for you? This is one I did for Paws!! Hope you like!

Pics of the day: Well, in keeping with the snow day, here is the snow at our place! Insane!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!! I found and added a few little gadgets to by side bar! You can follow my blog or subscribe! How fun!! :)
Be Happy!!


  1. I'm ready for spring, too!!! I need to take some pics of the snow banks as well. It's ridiculous this year.

  2. Sounds like you had a great day! I'm ready for Spring too...bring it on!


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