Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 3

Here I am again... second time today! Whoo!!

Random thoughts:
Why is the computer so addicting? Man, i couldn't keep off of it today! Nothing in particular, just browsing, but got nothing else done in the meantime!! I'm considering asking DH to take the cord with him tomorrow so I can get something done!! Naaaa... I couldn't do that! :)

We are talking renovations... i have such a hard time with it for some reason! Don't get me wrong, I really am looking forward to having some work done on the house, but making all the decisions frustrates me! I just wish someone else would come in and do it all... and that i'd like it! LOL!

Talking about a snow storm tomorrow... man do I wish school would be canceled!! AND that the kids would let me sleep in... FAT chance of that!

I'm SO tired... I think I'll be heading to bed shortly after the kids do. I'm just zonked!! Hre's hoping for a good night's sleep!! For all!

Thankful: Today I'm thankful for the fact that Seth is napping SO well! He napped for over 3 hrs this morning, then did it again this afternoon for almost 3 hrs!! I'm LOVEING it!! He's so much more content now! He's such a happy little man! He goes to bed around 6:30PM and gets up once or twice in the night. He gets up in the morning around 7am. He's becoming a great little sleeper!

Complaint: Well, asi said, I got nearly nothing done today... so I have a lot to do tomorrow!! Way too much, I really need sleep! LOL!

Scrappy thought: I'm looking for a new Design Team to be a part of. I just love designing for people and am hoping that something new pops up soon! Wouldn't a manufacturer gig be a dream come true?

Photo of the day... My little Man... full of smiles! Seth you are such a joy! Mama loves you!!


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