Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 2

Here I am... 2 days in a row!! Can I hear a Whoot whoot!!!???

Random thoughts
Today I went to the dentist... first time in... let's just say a LONG time!! Fingured if I'm making my kids go, Mama's gotta go too!! Now I remember why I hated going so much! Something about teeth really groses me out! LOL! Evem my own, weird I know! Anyway, I have 2 follow up appointments to get some small cavities filled. Not bad considering how long it's been! Dh came too... He was in about the same boat, except he has one bad one and a couple of small ones. So, it'll be another romantic date to the dentist's office! LOL!

And how sad that it had to be today. Today is Feb 17th, my DS's 2nd birthday! My little Cam man turned the big 2 today. I can hardly believe it's been 2 years already, and that we have another baby, so he's not my littlest baby anymore! Let me tell you though, this little boy blows me away!! He's SO smart! He turned 2 today and is able to count to 10, he knows his ABC's (except for W and X which he refuses to say! LOL!) he can sing twinkle little star, he recognizes about 1/2 of the letters to see them, and he talks like a little trouper! however, he has a temper like you wouldn't believe,... nost of which i think he'll grow out of, it's just the terrible 2's! And it's just hilarious to see him scolding his brother and sister!! That finger gets wagging and he's telling them off like crazy! Can't tell a word he's saying mind you! LOL! He is so smart, he just blows me away. One sad thing though... he's pretty much lost all his curls, so that means a hair cut is coming up. I seriously think i will cry! His curls just made him SO adorable!! He will be sweet even with them cut, but he'll look SO grown up... I'm just not ready for that yet...

I'm so proud of my daughter! As you may have read a few posts ago, a little boy from her school passed away a couple of weeks ago. Just last week, one of the boys in her class ended up in the hospital. We did not know why, but this had DD SO upset! All she could think of is that she was going to loose her friend! Every day she would come home with this sad face, and the first thing she would say to me was, *&*& wasn't in school again today mom. Finally after a full week, he returned! She was overjoyed! They have played together every day since! He's told her she's his girlfriend and that it would be their little secret! LOL! Today he was waving at her saying, Hi Sweetie! LOL! This little boy has a problem with studdering and i'm just so pleased that DD has taken to him like she has. It shows me what a tenderhearted little thing she is. For that I am so grateful! She makes me so proud.

Wow! That was a lot of random thoughts! LOL!

Today I'm thankful for my boy Camden. Since it is his bday, I dedicate it to him! He is amazing and holds such a special place in my heart, as well as many other hearts! I love this little man! Today's photo is dedicated to him...

Complaining...Housework... it is never ending! I go away for one day and it will take me the rest of the week to get caught up! Oh the joys of being a SAHM!!

Scrappy thought... I am SO hooked on butterflies!!!!! Imagine my thrill at going into the Dollar Store in Sussex today and finding TONS of butterfly embellies! It wasn't all scrapbooking stuff, but they will be found on my up and coming pages!! These things are adorable! I bet I bought 10 or 12 pkgs of them, charms, flowers and other little goodies from the $ store! This place totally rocks! I'll post a pic of it all tomorrow!! So, my tip? Don't forget to look in the cheapie stores for goodies!! It just might suprise you!!

Photo of the day... my beautiful Sweet Cam man!... Love you baby.... And Happy Birthday!!

Stay tuned... I have 2 new LO's to load tomorrow!! Wahoo!!

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  1. Happy B-day to your little man! I'm totally going to check out the $ store for butterflies...I love 'em too :)


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