Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bad Girls Top Designer

I've been so looking forward to the Top Designer contest at since last year! The classes are awesome! I have no chance at ALL of winning, but I just love the inspiration I get there! So... Class one's assignment is on layering... It's due tomorrow and I've been working on it for over 3 days now. I finished and it's ok, but I'm SO not feeling it! It's fine... but nothing out of the ordinary. I've been in such a scrappy funk lately!! It's so discouraging!! Oh well... this too shall pass, right? Anyway, here it is... with some close-ups! Then i'm off to load it into the contest gallery! Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Been a while!!

Oh man! I can't believe it's been almost 3 months since I've updated!!! Man, summer was so busy! I did get some scrapping done, but didn't get it loaded!!
Lots is new in the scrappy world...
*I have 4 LO's being published!!
2 in Summerset Memories
1 in Canadian Scrapbooker and
1 in Scrapbook Trends!!
WOHOOO!!! Very exciting summer for me that way!

* I accepted and began a position at as Sketch Team Coordinater!! Yay! We have a team of 10 designers who take turns creating sketches and designing with outher peoples sketches! If you're looking for awesome sketch inspiration, you HAVE to come on by!! I have a sketch going live on Monday the 15th of Sept!! :) I am also posting a 1 hr sketch challenge tonight at 9PM AST!!

*Just signed up for the Bad Girls Top Designer contest again this year! I LOVE the classes there and the inspiration is unbelievable!!! The first class was on layering! I am throwing ideas around and hope to complete the LO tomorrow!!

What's new with me? Well, we're now 31 weeks in to my pregnancy... 8 1/2 weeks to go. EEK! I'm not quite ready... actually not at all! LOL! But ready or not, time is flying by!!
DD started school last week... i can still hardly believe it! I would really have liked to home school her for another year, but with the babe coming and still having the other 2 boys home, it just wouldn't have worked. She loves it though, and I have no doubt that she'll excell! She's such a smart girl! It's just so hard for mama to let go, ya know? I'll post my journaling from the day she started school... but probally not today.

Well, enough chatter... wanna see some of my fav work I've done over the summer? Here is some of it...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More LO's and good news!!

Just a couple that I'd forgotten to load a couple of weeks ago!! Fun with Cosmo Cricket and 7 gypsies

Also some great news!! Had 2 LO'd requested from Summerset Memories!! First time submitting to them! YAY!!!!

New Resume!!

Well, I finally did it!! i created a blog for my resume!! I'd been using the scrap submit ones and since they are finished... I decided it was time for a new one! Nothing too fancy, but it Is complete and it IS new!!
Check it out!!
My New Resume!!

Scrapbook Sussies June Kit creations

This kit was so much fun!! Basic Grey's SUGAR line and some other great fun stuff!!! Check out the kits at Scrapbook Sussies You'll never be disappointed!!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

More new LO's!

I'm Loving this creative streak I'm in!!! It feels great to be back at it!!

These first 2 are done using the May kit from Scrapbook sussies... The first being obvious... babies first sloppy and slobbery kisses... always special to Mommy! :)

This one is about my son and his name for his finger... The journaling reads:
“WHAT” you may ask, “is a FINGYOU?” If you
know Sammy at all, you will know that this was his
name for his FINGER. But it ended the day we
had this conversation.

Mommy: Sammy, what do you call this? (pointing to his finger).
Sammy: It’s my Fingyou!
Mommy: OK, Thank you.
Sammy: Mommy, what you call it?
Mommy: I call it a FINGER.
Sammy: Oh, FINGER.
Mommy: But you can still call it a FINGYOU. I like that.
Sammy: Nope, It’s a finger.

And so marked the end of the FINGYOU.

The third LO is done using Christmas pics... which i normally hate scrapping, but that's 2 Christmas LO's this week! WHOOO!!

Hope you enjoy! :)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Want a sketch?

I just realized that I hardly ever post my sketches on here! I do lots of them and am considering starting a blog special for them! But here are a couple for you to play with! Please let me know if you try them, as i'd love to have a link to check them out!
Have fun!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I've been scrapping!

Man it feels good to create!! I've had my groove on the last couple of days and got 3 LO's done and have 2 more that need just to have the journaling done on them... I'm really pleased with them! i even dug into some Christmas pics, which i usualy hate to scrap!
Anyway, here they are... enjoy!
The first is done for Scrapbook Sussies using the May kit... it was SO awesome, and unique to play with!! I used a pic of DH and I from our Anniversary weekend... not the greatest pic, but on well! :)

This next one I did using pics of DS from DD's Gymnastics show... He had a blast dancing to the LOUD music... and I had a blast taking his pic! :) He's SO photogenic! And I loved using the new PRIMA goodies!

And the last one is using pics of DD from Christmas past... and more Prima goodies!
I used the JUNE Sketch from the Prima Blog... so i just might enter it in their contest! :)

I also want to say that I'm overwhelmed with the # of people visiting my blog since I was featured at pencel lines!! Please continue to visit, and remember I LOVE hearing from you!! :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary to US!

Well, it's raining out in Saint John NB, but it's nice and sunny in here is our Presedential suit!! Yep, DH and I took off for the weekend to celebrate our 8th Anniversary!! We just came to SJ because we had tickets to see the Gaithers Homecoming Concert on Sat evening! It was a great concert, but LONG!!! 4 1/2 hrs! I was amazed! Good for the $, but those seats are hard! LOL!
Anyway, just wanted to check in from the hotel! The room is just gorgeous!! 42 inch TV, King sized 4 poster bed, Jacuzzi... kitchenette, Droom table... just a beautiful room! I'm so thrilled that DH decided to get this room! It DID cost a bit more, but it's not like we go out that often! So we splurged! :) And I'm SO glad!! That tub makes it ALL worth it! LOL!
Yesterday we vegged for the morning then tood off around 1PM to walk around and get lunch! We ate at CORA'S which is always SO good!! We walked all over the place, it was SUCH a gorgeous day, even for SJ! LOL! Then we came back, I took a nap, then we got an in room movie... the Other Bolyn Girl... good movie! Didn't turn out like I thought it would though! Eek! Then we went out for Chinese food for supper! I was SO full!! Then we HAD to watch the Season Finale for Desperate Housewives... kind of disappointing, but we got to watch it from the Javuzzi, so that was all good! :)

This morning we're just vegging out since we don't have to check out until 1! I think it's time for another bath! :) I'll be a wrinkled prune by the time we get home!
I'll get some pics to post leter!! This room is so beautiful!

Happy Anniversary Baby! I love you more than you know!

Live on Pencil Lines!

i'm so excited!! The sketch i created for pencil lines went live last night!! It's SUCH an honor to be featured there!!! WOWHOOOOOOOOOOO!! Check it out!!

And please, give my sketch a go!! And let me know... I just might have a little RAK for someone who uses it and posts a comment here! :)

Happy Scrapping!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Paper Jam Studio Contest

May "checklist" Contest

Always filling out forms and check this box and check that box...well now you can check the boxes that are all about you! Use the checklist below to create a page about you or a family member, post your creation in our gallery and you get the chance to win an awsome prize pack with goodies from CHA Winter!
Good Listener Modest Respectful Affectionate
Caring Spontaneous Physically Fit Warm
Outgoing Optimistic Dependable Romantic
Creative Loyal Spiritual Kind
Ambitious Articulate Rational Easy-Going
Generous Happy Quiet Genuine
Intelligent Hard Working Thoughtful Sweet
Passionate Energetic Funny Perceptive

the rules :P
*your layout must contain 4 or more words from the checklist above*the layout can be about you, a friend, a family member or even your pet*your layout must be posted in the contest section of our gallery*a maxium of 4 enteries per person*enteries are due MIDNIGHT EST MAY 31 2008*winners will be announced JUNE 2*

See the info here! :)

Doesn't this sound like fun??? Hope you'll give it a try!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Some recent projects

And by recent, i mean done in the last 2 months since I last loaded! :)

Paper Jam Studio April Kit and Designs

I had the awesome priviledge of working with the April SWEET AND SASSY kit from Find the kit here...

Here's what I did with it!!

Latest in Scrappy News

Hmmm... let me think! What has happined in the last couple of months in the lines of scrappy news...

First... I was in the top 3 for the So You Think You Can Scrap at! I didn't win first place, but The girl who did TOTALLY deserved it!! I was honored to be in the top 3!!! What amazing talent was in that contest!!!

Secondly... I won a Guest Designer spot for Pencil Lines Sketch blog! This blog ROCKS and you HAVE to check it out!! Thanks to Natalie for telling me about their contest! We had to create a LO and a sketch... and i was one of 3 chosen! WOW! That is SUCH an honor for me! I admore these scrappers SO much and go to this blog constantly for inspiration! I believe in another week or so will be my week! Be sure to ckeck it out!!

Third... my DT term finished at Paws On Scrapbooking. It is sad, but the new talent they brought in is amazing and well deserve the positions! I'm still very active there, and will always be a Pawsie Gal! :)

Fourthly... Found out that my Term at Scrapbook Sussies is continuing! Love the kits here and it's nice that it has no MB to keep up with as well, as life has been pretty crazy lately! :)

Went to a crop thru our LSS PAWSONSCRAPBOOKING and had a fantastic time! I SO needed to get out and scrap! Got 5 LO's done which I'm SO pleased with! And had a great time chatting with friends and hanging out! SO needed to go! :)

Well, that's all I can think of that's new for now! :) Time to post some recent work now! :)

Expecting #4

Hello my blogger friends! I have been the baddest little blogger lately... it's been 2 months since i updated! Bad girl!! I do have a good reason though!!

I'm pregnant with baby #4!! EEK!! Unexpected surprise... though I'm fine with it! I have been HORRIBLY sick though and am just coming out of it! FINALLY!!! It feels So good not to be feeling like crap all the time! I'll say one thing... whoever came up with the term "morning sickness" must have been a man!! Cause I was sick ALL DAY LONG!!! Morning was actually my best time! LOL!

Anyway, that's my news! And unfortunately when I'm preggers I loose my passion for scrapping! <> Is it possible? It is, and it's the weirdest thing EVER! Scrappy stuff actually makes me feel sick to my stomach! but I fight it, and scrap some anyway, buy not nearly enough! But I AM getting thru that stage and am looking forward to getting into some of the AMAZING new supplies that I've continued to purchase!! Prima... I'm drooling just thinking about it all!!

So, that's my news and my excuse... am I forgiven? To make up for it, I'll continue on with more posts regarding recent scrappy news, kits and projects!
Thanks for reading, visiting and being patient with me! :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Snuggle Time..

my poor boy is sick! Sammy arrived in our bed around 4:30am this morning! He was caughing and quite warm. The day went on... he continued to caugh, cry, whine and cling to me all day. Poor little guy, i hate seeing them sick!
But the nice thing is... I love the snuggle time!

Round 5 LO

Here is the LO I created for the Round 5 challenge! Create a non square LO and use 25+ of any embellie! Mine was bling...
After this round... the top 3 compete in a final challenge to see who the first place winner is!! Everyone of the 5 are amazing!! I have grown so much in this contest!! I wish them all the best of luck!! Each and every one of them deserves to win!! I'm just thrilled to be among them, and to be in the top 5!

Here are a few other LO's I've done recently... some DT stuff! :) Enjoy!

Monday, March 10, 2008

On to Round 5!

I know... I haven't updated in a bit! Shame on me!! Here's the latest... I've made it thru to Round 5 in the So you think you can scrap at the!! I am having SO much fun with it!! I am so pleased with the LO I created this week... for Round 4! Here it is!The requirements were...
Use paint in a unique way
Use stitching
Use fabric (ribbon, lace etc)
use chipboard

I think this is one of my favorite LO's!! I adore that pic of DS!!

I already have the LO done for Round 5 too! It requires us to create a non square LO and to use 25 of one embelishment! I couldn't wait to do this one... so it's finished! I'll load it tomorrow!
Voting takes place Friday and Sat... feel free to come by and vote for me! :)

I'll try and update with some other news and projects soon!! Thanks for visiting! :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ever have one of those days?

Oh man!! I had one of those days the other day when I had No inspiration to scrap!! unfortunately, i had a sketch LO due pronto!! So, i did it... and now I'm So embarassed by it!! It's just SO not me... and really looks very amature! i am going to have to redo it because i just can't handle having that one up with my name on it!!

And then this morning... I decided to scrap, and in 1 1/2 hr i whip out this LO that I just LOVE!!! It's for the "So you think you can scrap" contest Round 2 at We had to use 4 photo's, at least 3 PP, rubons and ribbon in a unique way! I'm so pleased with it!!

So, I'm going to try and wip out another LO to replace the horrible one I passed in! Don't ask me where... cause i'll never tell! ;)


Monday, February 18, 2008

Feb designs for Paws

Here are my designs i did for Paws on Scrapbooking for Feb! We had a fun MME valentine collection to work with! Along with lots of little goodies and a canvas! I had so much fun! TFL!

Happy Birthday Baby!

I just can't believe that my baby boy turned one yesterday!! Where did this last year go to!! It's all a blur... Seems like just yesterday I found out I was prego!!

but here we are... we made it thru the first year! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! For those who don't know, this pregnancy was unexpected and a bit unplanned. I had my hands full with DS at that time and he was a rough kid! Love him dearly, but had No idea how I would handel another one! Took me 8 months of the pregnancy to finally come to grips with it! And i did! DS #2 has been nothing but an unexpected blessing! he is so precious, easygoing and has helped to grow DS #1 up so much!
So even though it was not as I would have planned it, i wouldn't have it any other way!!

So, We had church in the morning, then Dh and the boys had their naps. DD and I cleaned and cooked and decorated for the "Party"! The inlaws as well as DH's cousin came over for supper... Lasagnia, garlic cheese bread, ceaser salad and icecream cake for dessert! Camden was so tired, but did very well!! He was up much later than his ueual bed time... He totally enjoyed his supper, LOVED playing in the icecream cake and had a blast with his new chair toy that His Daddy and I got him! :) Watching him with the cake and looking at the candel was sweet! He wanted to touch it SO bad! So, we let him dig his fingers in adn have a lick! How can we not!?!

Not the most exciting of days... but kind of an emotional one for me! Not that I had a lot of time to think about it... but it's just amazing how fast time goes by... Before i know it'... it'll be time for their graduation!! EEK!
Happy Birthday Sweet Thing!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

About me blog challenge!

Ok, just for something different... here's a challenge! Answer these 10 questions about yourself and let me know you did! Post the ?'s and your answers on your blog! This is just for fun! It's a great way to get to know each other!!

1. What color is your favorite to wear?
Mine is black for sure! So slimming! LOL!

2. What is the title of your favorite LO at this moment?
Flowers for you Mommy!

3. Do you take self portraits?
Yep... it's the only way I like to get my pic taken! LOL1 No audience!

4. How many DT's are you on? What are they?
At this moment I'm on 4.... 2 of which are ending soon... hopefully to be renewed! :) (3 month Guest DT position) (term ending March 31) (Kit only every 4 months and MG just starting) (No message board)

5. Do you subscribe to any monthly kits? Which ones? Happy or not?
i do not at this moment, but did... i got the Bad Girls Kit... it was SO cool! Very different stuff for me, but I am having a blast with the goodies! I just did a 3 month sub... as it is costly to ship to Canada... but they are very unique kits!

6. If you could design for any company, who would it be?
Tough to choose... but I'd say Fancy Pants, MME or Basic Grey.

7. What one thing coming out in CHA are you dying to get?
I can't wait for some new Maya Road... Chatterbox is looking good too!!! TO MUCH GREAT STUFF!!!!

8. Do you submit to magazines often? Which one do you have the best luck with? The worst?
I do submit... not regularly though. I have good luck with Scrapbooking memories... the ausie mag. Worst luck with Scrapbook trends! Too big of a mag I guess!!

9. Do you have a scrap resume? Do you like it?
I have one at scrap submit... I would like to get a new one now that I have more to put on one! LOL! It's found here... My Resume

10. How often do you blog?
I'm not an everyday blogger! I like to blog when there's something new or exciting in my scrappy world! idon't blog the every day things, but more the scrappy moments! LOL!

Thanks for playing!! hope to see lots of you passing on the ?'s and seeing your answers!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Crop projects

I had SO much fun at the crop this past weekend!!! The food was fantastic. The friends were plentiful... met lots of new ones and hung out with some not so new ones! And the products... SO much awesome stuff!! I got 4 LO's done... all of which I'm very happy with! So, here they are... well, 2 of them anyway! The other 2 were DT stuff I can't show until the end of the week! :)