Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 12

Well, so much for my scrappy day! baby had other plans... like not sleeping... and crying all day! Blah!! So frustrating! Oh well... I did get 2 pages done... one that I really like, and one i don't like at all!! LOL! Mojo was in slow motion today, so that made everything worse! :)
Oh well... tomorrow's another day! I just hope the babe sleeps better than he did last night!!
Today I'm thankful for 4 healthy children. With every child i had, I just prayed that they would be healthy, and they are. I know things can change in a heartbeat, but i'm thankful for today and the health we have been blessed with.

To complain... It seems to come too easy today! :) i'm tired from lack of sleep... so I'm a little touchy tonight... So I don't think I'll start complaining! LOL!

Scrappiness... I completed 2 LO's, but I'll add them in here tomorrow, since I don't have the loaded yet!

Pics... I will add a photo from last night's Girls night with DD... What a girl... She was listening to my Ipod and dancing on my bed... after our mani and pedi time! :) (Blogger troubles... will load in the AM)

Thanks for dropping by!

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