Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 6

Hey!! Happy Saturday!!
Today was kind of productive, and kind of not! :) I did manage to get a bit of cleaning done around the house... Floors vaccuumed and scrubbed! I even did the kitchen floor by hand! It really needed a good cleaning! Then, this afternoon I helped Dh with some paper work and worked a bit more on my LO... Then went and tore it apart while making supper! I almost never do this... but I was just SO unhappy with how it was! I had added the 32 things from yesterday's post to it... and it was just WAY too much... So I'll have to do a page another time on 32 things about me... but it won't be on this one! I was just loving the page before i added all the journaling, so when I tore it all off, with minimal damage to the page, I was able to get it to a point where I whink I'll love it again! So, it's still not finished! :) Maybe tonight will be the night...
I don't know what's going on with the baby lately... remember the other day I mentioned how well he was napping during the day? Scratch that... he's back to his old ways... not wanting to nap at all, but dead tired! WTH? It sure made for a stressfull day! He bawled all thru supper... I ended up giving him some Tylenol... I know it's his teeth bothering him... Man i hate when they are teething! It bothers my kids so much!
Tomorrow is the day we're celebrating DS's 2nd bday, which was this past Tuesday. So now i need to go and make a cake... yeah, at 8:00 at night! At least I won't be interrupted! DH's parents are coming over for supper and we'll have cake and home made icecream! Mmmmm! It should be fun!!
Today DH started the renovations to the mud room... it's going to be really nice when he is finished... but it is a lot of work for someone who works full time! Oh well... it'll get done!

Thankful: I am so thankful that My husband is good with his hands. No, you naughty girl... I don't mean it like THAT! LOL!!! God has blessed him with the ability to work with his hands. He is a plumber by trade and yet can fix and work on anything he puts his mind to. I'm so thankful for that.

Complaint: Today I've been a little frustrated. Iknow that having a new baby in the house throws things off and that there will be hard days. But I feel like I've been looking more forward to the kids being in bed than I should. I have not been enjoying my time with them the last bit, just cause things have been a bit chaotic... I am looking forward to this changing, cause I miss enjoying my kids. Sometimes i feel like such a bad Mommy...

Scrappy thought: Well, I thought I was going to have a couple of LO's to share today, but alas, they are not finished. So instead, I'll share with you a very inspiring blog... I just love Iris's work! It always inspires me! i hope it will inspire you too!!

Pic of the day: Hmmm... wht will i share with you today.... Well, the kids went out to play in the snow today. i just love the red cheeks on this boy when he's out playing!!

Thanks again for stopping by! i just love having you visit! And don't forget about the RAK I will be drawing for.... :)


  1. Hope your cake making goes well!! Have a fun Birthday party tomorrow!

  2. That photo is just adorable!!! :)

    Love homemade cakes! YUM

  3. Have fun with the party! That is a sweet pic :)


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