Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 10

I'm afraid things are getting even more boring... I have nothing exciting to share today!! How horrible is that? Cleaned, nap, laundry, supper... Yawn... I'll try and spice up my life so I have more to share! LOL!

I am thankful today for my Mom and Dad! (Hi Mom!! Hi Dad!!) I have been so blessed to be brought up in a wonderful Christian home with 2 parents who loved me. I never doubted that... well, maybe a bit in my teen years, but I knew better! :) I miss them both and can't wait for Mom's visit in MArch! Dad, Come home for a visit soon! We all miss you!

Complaining... Where has my energy gone? I feel like alump on a log lately! I guess interupted sleep doesn't help... the baby was up at 10, 2:30 and 6... and oldest DS was up at 4, wet his bed, so climbed in mine... needless to say sleep didn't come easy! So, I guess the lack of energy is expected... but pretty frustrating! I am getting nothing done! Not even scrapping this week... but this weekend is set aside for scrapping... looking forward to it! Maybe I'll get my scrappy DT kit... :)

Scrappiness: Check out this amazing blog... I knew this gal when we were kids... so when she goes big time scrappy famous, I can say I knew her way back when! :)
Amanda Muirhead

This one's for you Mom and Dad... here your car sits... covered in snow! :)

Check in tomorrow to see who wins the RAK! :)

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  1. Hi Tina, not much scrappiness for me this week either. What part of PEI did you grow up in? My sister lived on the island for years in Murray River and Murray Harbour.


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