Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tombow USA Design Team Application!!

Hello all!!
So you all know that I love to try new things!! Some of my designing commitments are coming to an end...  So I have decided to throw my "hat in the ring" so to speak, and apply for the Tombow USA Design Team! So I get to share some of my favourite projects on here with you all!!

Those to which I have created video tutorials, I have linked up the video in the title of the projects. :) Enjoy!!
First up are 2 of my favourite scrapbook pages. The first one, Never seen before! The second, one I recently created for Imagine Crafts.

Next up, are a couple of cards that I really have enjoyed creating. Love how they turned out!! Again, the first one created for Imagine Crafts with a full video tutorial, and the second, new, never seen before!!


And last, but not least, here are a few "off the page" or DIY kinda projects... 

3D Snowflake Holiday Ornament

And that, my friends... is just a little glimpse into some of my recent favourite projects. I tried to show a huge variety of styles and difficulty levels to show my versatility.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!
Until next time...
Happy Creating!!

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  1. WAUW Tina, you have certainly been busy, and I couldn´t help smile, when I saw, what you had made here, as I just a week ago made a tutorial for that toiletrollalbum on our local fiorum here for the scrapnight h, and then I see, y´ve just made one too almost the same time. That has to be to minds with one thought I think ha ha ha.
    Everything you´ve made here are sooo beautiful, and I really loved that set of oarty stuff you showed here last, it´s an awesome idea too, that I think, I´ll have to try sometime too, if you don´t mind.


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