Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 20... Acrylic Minibook Complete!

Yay! I finally finished it! The pictures do it NO justice at all!!! I just love how it turned out!
Please excuse the chipped nailpolish in the pboto's! Sheesh... how embarassing!!! :)

Nothing exciting happening today... church... lunch... Dh now has taken the older 2 kids tapping trees for the Maple Syrup run... The younger 2 are napping... I wanna be scrapping, yet here I am! :) Ok, once this is loaded i'm going to dive into my Mon Ame Memories March kit! Yippie!!

I'm so thankful today for the sunshine! Spring is on it's way!! yippie! i said to Dh on the way in to church this morning, "It's so nice to see the mud"! LOL!!

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