Monday, March 09, 2009

Day 17

So, we did the doodlebops concert last night... Don't get me going on that!! What a disappointment! Overpriced tickets, overpriced stuff ($10 a piece for glow stick thingies... which we bought 3, before realizing the price!!), not the real doodlebops, yeah can you believe that!!?? Very disappointing, though the kids had fun. I guess that's the main thing, right?
We got home really late... like 10:30PM! Not bad for DH and I, but DD had to start back to school after having her March Break! yeah, she was SOME tired! So, I let them sleep in and drove her to school this morning (1/2 hr drive). Therefore, my morning was shot! i got nothing done! AND, my house was a big mess from the busy weekend, so most of today was spent cleaning and doing laundry! And can you guess what I WANTED to be doing? Yep, scrapping! LOL! I even thought about doing some tonight, but I'm zonked! i think i'm coming down with something, cause I'm just aching all over.. I hope not though!!

Today I'm thankful for my Daddy!! Happy Birthday Dad!!! I was very blessed to be brought up in a good Christian home, by 2 parents who loved me!! They were not perfect, but they did the best they could! I have learned so much from them! I miss you Dad, and hope you have had a wonderful day! ((HUGS))

Scrappy... I'm pleased to share with you a scrapping crop we will be having at Mon Ame Memories! I hope to see you there! If you come by, tell them i sent ya! :)

Photo's: Here are a few pics from the doodlebop concert last night!

Thanks for stopping by!! :)


  1. Belated happy birthday to your Dad!


  2. i "love" how kid oriented shows OVERPRICE everything!! *urrggh* so i totally feel you on the glow stick. glad you all enjoyed it! ^_^ *hugs*

  3. LOVE these pics! Glad to kids enjoyed the show!

  4. They're not even the REAL doodlebops!!! What the heck?


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