Saturday, March 07, 2009

Day 16

I'm slippin... I know! :) It's been a busy few days...And since this is for FUN and all, i didn't stress over it! Nothing new scrappy wise wo share, so i thought it'd be ok! :)

So, what's new....
Yesterday we went in to Saint John to spend a day with the kids and get some things done. Since DH had to work, i took my sweet babysitter with me. i was NOT crazy enough to go alone with 4 kids! LOL! As it was, it was still INSANE!!!!

(I got lots of scrappy goodies though! Picked up a pkf at the post office, then stopped to pick up an order from PAWS, dropped in to Michaels for a few, and then hit Walmart! Man... I'm good to go for a while now! LOL!)

So we took the kids to eat at McDOnalds and let them play for a while there, then shopping, groceries, picked up DH and went out for supper before coming home! I was SO tired last night! i was in bed before 10pm!!
Then this morning, I had to drive 45 minutes to pick up something for DH that i was supposed to tell him about yesterday but forgot... Duh! i was SO ticked that I did... Oh well! So i didn't get a lot done today...

Tomorrow we have tickets to take the kids to see the DoodleBops... I think it's a Canadian thing... it's a kids concert though. Hope it will be fun! It is over an hour away AND DD starts back to school Monday! Should be good and tired for sure!!

Thankful: Today I'm thankful forwarmer weather coming... snow is melting and spring is on it's way!! Yippie!!

Scrappy... I don't have my LO photographed yet, so I can't share... how about an a couple of awesome blogs! Here are two of the new DT members for Mon Ame Memories with me... their work is fab! Check them out!! LG and Calia

Photo's... This is SO sentimental for me... I finally cut DS's hair... He was loosing his curls and it was starting to look pretty shaggy... but MAN do I miss them already!!! Here's before and after... sniff sniff....

I am so sad... he looks so grown up.... sob.... my baby....
Anyway, that is all from me tonight! Probably won't be posting tomorrow either... So, talk again soon!


  1. What a cute pic of C. Time flies. Have fun at the Bops today! :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend with the kids Tina! And your DS is so cute with the new haircut. He looks adorable.

    And also, thanks for the lovely comment about my LO. Im really enjoying my time with you guys.



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