Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Day 14

Howdie folks! Sorry I missed ya's yesterday! Just didn't get the chance! Really nothing to share anyway... so I'd have bored you! LOL!

not much happening today... the older 2 kids have gone to their gransparents over night! YAY! A Nice break for Mommy! Gave me a bit of time with DS age 2... which I rarely get to hang out alone with him! So it was nice!
I got to scrap again today! Finished up yesterday's page, and did another one... one for the Guest DT call at Paws So i can't post it yet! My camera batteries are dead (GASP!) so I'll have to photograph them tomorrow!
Today I'm thankful for how well my 2 oldest get along. They fight like cats and dogs by times... but they are also each others best friends... and I'm so grateful for that!
Complaint...Exercise... I have not been doing well at it again... the elliptical is sitting unused this past week... shame on me!

Scrappy... Over at Mon Ame Memories, LG Posted a thread for us to post our very first LO we ever did... and our most recent... well, you can see my most recent ones... but wanna see my very first LO I ever did? It's scarey, I warn you!!! Has my style changed, do ya think?

Now, I want YOU to post your first LO on your blog and let me know you did it.. I'd LOVE to come and see it!!

Photo: Now, there will be nothing nearly so funny as yesterday's photo... but here is one that I love... Since talking about DS and DD getting along, here is a picture of them dancing... they play prince and princess and they do the ballroom dance... priceless!!

Well my friends, that's it for another day!! Y'all Come back now, ya hear?

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  1. Love those pics of the kids, so cute. And that layout, Wow, how things have changed!!


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