Saturday, May 31, 2008

More new LO's!

I'm Loving this creative streak I'm in!!! It feels great to be back at it!!

These first 2 are done using the May kit from Scrapbook sussies... The first being obvious... babies first sloppy and slobbery kisses... always special to Mommy! :)

This one is about my son and his name for his finger... The journaling reads:
“WHAT” you may ask, “is a FINGYOU?” If you
know Sammy at all, you will know that this was his
name for his FINGER. But it ended the day we
had this conversation.

Mommy: Sammy, what do you call this? (pointing to his finger).
Sammy: It’s my Fingyou!
Mommy: OK, Thank you.
Sammy: Mommy, what you call it?
Mommy: I call it a FINGER.
Sammy: Oh, FINGER.
Mommy: But you can still call it a FINGYOU. I like that.
Sammy: Nope, It’s a finger.

And so marked the end of the FINGYOU.

The third LO is done using Christmas pics... which i normally hate scrapping, but that's 2 Christmas LO's this week! WHOOO!!

Hope you enjoy! :)


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous layouts ...

  2. Tina these LO's are AWESOME! You are very creative and inspiring! :-)

  3. love your layouts Tina :)

  4. tina I have always loved your stuff and these are just as adorable and inspiring as ever!!!


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