Wednesday, February 13, 2008

About me blog challenge!

Ok, just for something different... here's a challenge! Answer these 10 questions about yourself and let me know you did! Post the ?'s and your answers on your blog! This is just for fun! It's a great way to get to know each other!!

1. What color is your favorite to wear?
Mine is black for sure! So slimming! LOL!

2. What is the title of your favorite LO at this moment?
Flowers for you Mommy!

3. Do you take self portraits?
Yep... it's the only way I like to get my pic taken! LOL1 No audience!

4. How many DT's are you on? What are they?
At this moment I'm on 4.... 2 of which are ending soon... hopefully to be renewed! :) (3 month Guest DT position) (term ending March 31) (Kit only every 4 months and MG just starting) (No message board)

5. Do you subscribe to any monthly kits? Which ones? Happy or not?
i do not at this moment, but did... i got the Bad Girls Kit... it was SO cool! Very different stuff for me, but I am having a blast with the goodies! I just did a 3 month sub... as it is costly to ship to Canada... but they are very unique kits!

6. If you could design for any company, who would it be?
Tough to choose... but I'd say Fancy Pants, MME or Basic Grey.

7. What one thing coming out in CHA are you dying to get?
I can't wait for some new Maya Road... Chatterbox is looking good too!!! TO MUCH GREAT STUFF!!!!

8. Do you submit to magazines often? Which one do you have the best luck with? The worst?
I do submit... not regularly though. I have good luck with Scrapbooking memories... the ausie mag. Worst luck with Scrapbook trends! Too big of a mag I guess!!

9. Do you have a scrap resume? Do you like it?
I have one at scrap submit... I would like to get a new one now that I have more to put on one! LOL! It's found here... My Resume

10. How often do you blog?
I'm not an everyday blogger! I like to blog when there's something new or exciting in my scrappy world! idon't blog the every day things, but more the scrappy moments! LOL!

Thanks for playing!! hope to see lots of you passing on the ?'s and seeing your answers!

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  1. Tina no wonder your on so many DT's your stuff is so cute, I usually am not a fan of the 12x12s there are few people who can pull them off right and you are one!


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