Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!

I just can't believe that my baby boy turned one yesterday!! Where did this last year go to!! It's all a blur... Seems like just yesterday I found out I was prego!!

but here we are... we made it thru the first year! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! For those who don't know, this pregnancy was unexpected and a bit unplanned. I had my hands full with DS at that time and he was a rough kid! Love him dearly, but had No idea how I would handel another one! Took me 8 months of the pregnancy to finally come to grips with it! And i did! DS #2 has been nothing but an unexpected blessing! he is so precious, easygoing and has helped to grow DS #1 up so much!
So even though it was not as I would have planned it, i wouldn't have it any other way!!

So, We had church in the morning, then Dh and the boys had their naps. DD and I cleaned and cooked and decorated for the "Party"! The inlaws as well as DH's cousin came over for supper... Lasagnia, garlic cheese bread, ceaser salad and icecream cake for dessert! Camden was so tired, but did very well!! He was up much later than his ueual bed time... He totally enjoyed his supper, LOVED playing in the icecream cake and had a blast with his new chair toy that His Daddy and I got him! :) Watching him with the cake and looking at the candel was sweet! He wanted to touch it SO bad! So, we let him dig his fingers in adn have a lick! How can we not!?!

Not the most exciting of days... but kind of an emotional one for me! Not that I had a lot of time to think about it... but it's just amazing how fast time goes by... Before i know it'... it'll be time for their graduation!! EEK!
Happy Birthday Sweet Thing!


  1. Norah2:57 PM

    Sweet cake and he looks like he is totally enjoying it!!!

  2. what a cutie! great lo's too, i love the use of white space on the first one.

    shannon from LT

  3. Happy Birthday Camden!!! I can't believe it's been a year already! No more graduation talk, Ok? I just can't think about that one yet! :)

  4. Love the LOs, Tina. :) ANd happy birthday to your little bud! Sounds like you had a great day!


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