Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary to US!

Well, it's raining out in Saint John NB, but it's nice and sunny in here is our Presedential suit!! Yep, DH and I took off for the weekend to celebrate our 8th Anniversary!! We just came to SJ because we had tickets to see the Gaithers Homecoming Concert on Sat evening! It was a great concert, but LONG!!! 4 1/2 hrs! I was amazed! Good for the $, but those seats are hard! LOL!
Anyway, just wanted to check in from the hotel! The room is just gorgeous!! 42 inch TV, King sized 4 poster bed, Jacuzzi... kitchenette, Droom table... just a beautiful room! I'm so thrilled that DH decided to get this room! It DID cost a bit more, but it's not like we go out that often! So we splurged! :) And I'm SO glad!! That tub makes it ALL worth it! LOL!
Yesterday we vegged for the morning then tood off around 1PM to walk around and get lunch! We ate at CORA'S which is always SO good!! We walked all over the place, it was SUCH a gorgeous day, even for SJ! LOL! Then we came back, I took a nap, then we got an in room movie... the Other Bolyn Girl... good movie! Didn't turn out like I thought it would though! Eek! Then we went out for Chinese food for supper! I was SO full!! Then we HAD to watch the Season Finale for Desperate Housewives... kind of disappointing, but we got to watch it from the Javuzzi, so that was all good! :)

This morning we're just vegging out since we don't have to check out until 1! I think it's time for another bath! :) I'll be a wrinkled prune by the time we get home!
I'll get some pics to post leter!! This room is so beautiful!

Happy Anniversary Baby! I love you more than you know!


  1. Hi Tina,

    Just found you through Pencil Lines and thought I'd drop in to say Hi, and a big Congratulations on your Anniversiry...sounds awsome.
    Your work is beautiful too!

  2. Happy Anniversary Tina!!

  3. Happy Anniversary Tina!

  4. Hi Tina, I was just browsing through your blog cause I loooove your work. I was at the Gaither concert in St. John that night too. We had such good seats. We were in the fourth row. What a great concert, but your right it was long and what a huge crowd. I enjoyed your new work that you posted at Paws today so much. Thanks


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