Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ever have one of those days?

Oh man!! I had one of those days the other day when I had No inspiration to scrap!! unfortunately, i had a sketch LO due pronto!! So, i did it... and now I'm So embarassed by it!! It's just SO not me... and really looks very amature! i am going to have to redo it because i just can't handle having that one up with my name on it!!

And then this morning... I decided to scrap, and in 1 1/2 hr i whip out this LO that I just LOVE!!! It's for the "So you think you can scrap" contest Round 2 at We had to use 4 photo's, at least 3 PP, rubons and ribbon in a unique way! I'm so pleased with it!!

So, I'm going to try and wip out another LO to replace the horrible one I passed in! Don't ask me where... cause i'll never tell! ;)



  1. I just love this lo. I know how you feel about giving something out that you aren't happy with...Hate that.

  2. that layout is gorgeous!!

  3. this is awesome... when i started reading I was thinking that THIS was the layout you didn't like and I was very confused because i thought it was awesome lol


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