Sunday, February 10, 2008

Special moments

It's funny, but after a rough day of me being cranky... We just had some special moments.
I love when bedtime is not rushed and we have time to snuggle and just hang out! Tonight was one of those nights! Even though it was getting late, and I hate to keep them up, I knew they had all napped and that since I'd been away overnight last night, the time together would do us all good!
So, DD, DS#1 and I all curled up on DS's bed and read a story. We hung out there for a bit. Then DD said "I wish we could snuggle in MY bed sometime! So, her and I went off to HER bed for a few minutes! Well, DS wouldn't let THAT opportunity go by without joining in! So, in he piles as well!! So, the three of us hang out there for a few minutes and i sang to them.
I sing a song that's called Jasmine... well, once I finished, Sammy had to have me sing a song to him!! but instead of using the word beautiful in it, he wanted it replaced with HANDSOME! LOL!!! Too cute for 2 1/2 yrs!
Then we progressed to wing over the rainbow! With them joining in of course! It was SO funny, as ds has No sence of tone yet! LOL! I can't believe we didn't wake the baby! hehehe!!
It's these special moments that make motherhood so rewarding. Even though I was tired and short on patience today, there was no hard feelings on their part! They were ready to take me in with open arms. We can learn so much from them...

I just had to share... I adore these children and don't thank God nearly enough for the blessing that they are!!


  1. Awwwe, those are the moments of motherhood I look forward too!

  2. They are such precous moments and too soon gone so enjoy all that you can!!


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