Saturday, November 25, 2006

Birthday girl!!

I can hardly believe that Jaz will be 4 tomorrow! Where have the last 4 years gone!!?? She's growing into such a beautiful little lady! Sometimes she's not so perfect... but don't we allhave those times!?
We had a little party for her last night with her grandparents and us... we had her cake then too. She was So excited!! She opened up most of her gifts and just loved them! Now tomorrow I'm taking her and Rause-Lynn (her cousin and best friend) to McDonalds for lunch after church and then on to the movies to see Happy Feet! I'm looking forward to it! i hope they enjoy it!


  1. What a little cutie! She is going to have so much fun at the movies- I hear Happy Feet is great! Heck, I want to see it,lol...

  2. OMGoodness she is such a doll! Whow took the pics? They are incredible. Happy Birthday, Jaz!

  3. I took the pics Tracey... not bad for my camera eh? A little photo editing helps too!


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