Thursday, January 21, 2016

Intro to my Bible Journal

I accepted Jesus Christ to be my personal Saviour at the age of 5 after coming to the realization that I was a sinner in need of a Saviour. There was nothing that I could do that was pleasing in the sight of a Holy and Almighty God, other than accept the free gift of salvation He was offering, thru the Sacrifice of His Son. That was 24 years ago! So to say that my faith is a huge part of my life is putting it mildly.
You already know that I am a creative person... ;) So how exciting to be able to combine my Love of my Saviour  with my love for all things creative, into this fabulous new art form, called Bible Journaling!!
I in no way claim to be a pro at this... I am a complete newby!! I had begin planning on keeping it completely private. Not sharing my pages with you. To keep it real, raw and personal. Since then, I have decided to still keep it real, raw and personal... but to share it with you. I want you to know me... to understand who my Saviour is and what He means to me. My prayer is that thru these pages you will see a clearer picture of who God is...Who he is to me. And why I love him so.
So... here we go. A glimpse into my Bible Journal.

How to begin...
* Purchase a Journaling Bible... These can be bought at almost any book store now. I bought mine from Christian Here is the link to all that they have available... And here is the exact one I purchased.  I love it!! Here's what it looks like... with a few little stickers added to the front...

Now, if you'd like to give it a try without purchasing a new bible, try it in your bible you use every day! Keep it simple... using just coloured pencils/pens and see what you think! 

* Get a good set of black pens. I am using Faber Castel PIIT Artist pens, but there are lots of varieties out there. Anything that will not bleed thru your pages is great! If you already mark your bible then I'm sure you have something!!

*Grab some kind of colouring medium. There a million options out there... from simple coloured pencils to acrylic paints and mediums! Decide which route you wanna take! To begin, grab some coloured pencils and pens. This way you will not need to gesso your pages to protect them. You can just draw and color in your margins and keep it clean and simple.
I can not draw to save my life... and my penmanship leaves much to be desired... looks like I'm in first grade. ;)  So I am not into drawing in my bible. I prefer other things... I'll get to that...

*If you DO decide to add more... first thing to purchase is a clear Gesso or Matt Gel Medium.
DO NOT purchase Liquitex Clear Gesso...unless you like your pages to feel like sand paper. Not cool at all!!!  I did purchase the Golden Matte Medium and it's much better... take my word for it. :)
*From here you can add all sorts of fun stuff! Paints, stamps, inks, etc.

That's all I'm going to say for today. I don't want to overwhelm you completely!! I'm going to be doing a video series for you outlining some different mediums, techniques, and ideas for your bible journal!! I hope you'll join me! If you are not already following my You Tube Channel, go do it now!
To introduce you to my bible journal and give you brief overview I have created a little video for you! Looking forward to all the fun we will have together!! I'd love to hear your thoughts and any questions or ideas you have!! Here we go!!
Now remember... this is my journal... my penmanship is horribly messy... but it's mine... forgive me... LOL!

And here's a shot of each of the pages I have shared in the video...

Until next time... Happy Creating!

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