Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 12

Well, so much for my scrappy day! baby had other plans... like not sleeping... and crying all day! Blah!! So frustrating! Oh well... I did get 2 pages done... one that I really like, and one i don't like at all!! LOL! Mojo was in slow motion today, so that made everything worse! :)
Oh well... tomorrow's another day! I just hope the babe sleeps better than he did last night!!
Today I'm thankful for 4 healthy children. With every child i had, I just prayed that they would be healthy, and they are. I know things can change in a heartbeat, but i'm thankful for today and the health we have been blessed with.

To complain... It seems to come too easy today! :) i'm tired from lack of sleep... so I'm a little touchy tonight... So I don't think I'll start complaining! LOL!

Scrappiness... I completed 2 LO's, but I'll add them in here tomorrow, since I don't have the loaded yet!

Pics... I will add a photo from last night's Girls night with DD... What a girl... She was listening to my Ipod and dancing on my bed... after our mani and pedi time! :) (Blogger troubles... will load in the AM)

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RAK Winner!!!

Sorry for the delay in doing this... Kind of a busy few days!!
So, I gave everyone who commented a number! and the winner was TraceyT!!! Thanks to DD for choosing a #!!
Send me your addy T!! I have a few things from my $ store excursion for you!! :)

Thanks for your comments girls!! Now Keep them coming! :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 11

Oops... I missed a day! Good reason though... DH was getting ready to go away for the weekend andi just didn't take the time to blog... that works, don't you think? I think so too!

So, today Iam back at it! It'll be short and sweet though!! DD and I are having a girls night!! Wahoo!! As mentioned, DH is away overnight. Oldest DS is having a sleepover at his grammies... SO, DD and i decided that it was the perfect time for a girls night!! She's at my shoulder now telling me I'm taking too long! So... I'll cut to the chase! Scrapping this weekend!!! Wahoo!!!

Today i'm thankful for my DD... she' one amazing little girl! I don't show her how much i appreciate her nearly enough! We're heading down now for a bowl of icecream! Yes, at 10:30! :)
Complaint... Man the weather outside is bad! It's SO windy!!! Kinda creepy... Oh hubby!!!!

Scrappiness... I've been scrapping!! Here are 2 from today!! Enjoy!
(THERE SHE GOES LO is out for publication with Scrapbook Trends... due out in Sept 09!)

My photos will have to wait... cause DD won't! LOL!!!
Thanks for stopping by!! Have a fab weekend!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 10

I'm afraid things are getting even more boring... I have nothing exciting to share today!! How horrible is that? Cleaned, nap, laundry, supper... Yawn... I'll try and spice up my life so I have more to share! LOL!

I am thankful today for my Mom and Dad! (Hi Mom!! Hi Dad!!) I have been so blessed to be brought up in a wonderful Christian home with 2 parents who loved me. I never doubted that... well, maybe a bit in my teen years, but I knew better! :) I miss them both and can't wait for Mom's visit in MArch! Dad, Come home for a visit soon! We all miss you!

Complaining... Where has my energy gone? I feel like alump on a log lately! I guess interupted sleep doesn't help... the baby was up at 10, 2:30 and 6... and oldest DS was up at 4, wet his bed, so climbed in mine... needless to say sleep didn't come easy! So, I guess the lack of energy is expected... but pretty frustrating! I am getting nothing done! Not even scrapping this week... but this weekend is set aside for scrapping... looking forward to it! Maybe I'll get my scrappy DT kit... :)

Scrappiness: Check out this amazing blog... I knew this gal when we were kids... so when she goes big time scrappy famous, I can say I knew her way back when! :)
Amanda Muirhead

This one's for you Mom and Dad... here your car sits... covered in snow! :)

Check in tomorrow to see who wins the RAK! :)

RAK reminder!

Just to remind you all... I'll be doing a draw for a RAK tomorrow! To be entered, just leave a comment on my blog and you'll have a chance! :)
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 9

Happy Tuesday!
Hope you are having a wonderful start to the week! Nothing really exciting to share here today! We did our Musical Moments program at play group today. That was fun! Then we had lunch with the inlaws. home, had a nap... too long of a nap! Supper was late because of it! Took some time to play the DVD game with the boys and hang out some before bed. All in all, a very unproductive day, but quite enjoyable! Oh, I did manage to catch my kitchen stove on fire though! I boiled over my pot at supper and it caught fire... no panic, no big deal, just a bit of smoke for a few minutes! LOL! I know it'll be the firdt thing Dh says when he comes in! :)
I think DD sprained or broke her second to baby toe tonight! Poor thing... She's having a tough week!

Today I'm thankful for The innocence and sensitivity of my children. It is such a wonderful answer to prayer to see things happening in their lives! God is so good!

Complaining... I miss my Hubby. Sure I see him every day, but life gets busy and we just don't spend a lot of quality time together... I miss that.

Scrappiness... I'm afraid I'm drawing a blank tonight! I am looking forward to scrapping on the weekend... Looks like quite a bit of free time... i hope! :) I plan to scrap the evenings away! DH is going to be busy, so... Scrap i shall!! Scrapbook Trends has some fun calls out there... I thin I'll work on those! Check them out here... Submissions

My pic of the day is just a cute one of the baby after a bath... how cute is this?

Thanks for stopping by! I'm hoping one of these days to get a redecorating job done on the blog... so maybe you'll be suprised one of these visits! :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 8

Happy Stormy Monday! You wanna talk about SNOW!! Wow! Did we ever get a lot! And it started snowing again!!! It's blowing around like crazy out there tonight! DH has his fingers crossed for another snow day! :)

So yes, today was a snow day! No school for DH or DD! No work done for me either, but that's ok! I did manage to sleep in a bit AND get a nap this afternoon! Muchly needed! I have been so tired lately! Guess getting up 3-4 times is wearing on me! What can i expect!?

So today I got to spend some time with the kids! This morning we played the new Leapster game that Grammy got for DS's bday. It's really quite cute! It is a DVD that goes into the player, and there is a cordless controler that he uses to activate and control the little game! Great for #'s and ABCs, shapes and all that! So we played that this morning. Then He and I napped together while the older 2 warched a movie after lunch. Then, we all had a musical parade! I am doing a musical program at our Mom's and Tot's group every couple of weeks, so the kids helped me prepare! It was lots of fun! Even DH grabbed an instrument and joined in... don't tell him I told! :)

I need to tell you the caterpillar story. Yesterday when the kids were out playing, DD found a caterpillar! Yes, in the middle of wonter! So, she brought it in and DH got her a dish with a cover for it. She named it Fluffy. We gave Fluffy some lettuce to eat. She checked on him constatly! Well... long story short... Fluffy didn't make it. What a sad day it was here. We even made up a good buy Fluffy poem... which I won't share! LOL! Needless to say, DD was devistated! Cried for quite a while... Poor thing! Now she looks forward to spring so she can get another pet... What about the 2 cats and the dog we have now? LOL! Guess they don't count anymore!

Today i'm thankful for naps. I love naps, really, really do! I get easily addicted to napping, so I need to be careful! But I SO enjoy a quiet afternoon snooze...

Complaint... snow! I'm more than ready for spring to arrive!! Bring it on!

Scrappiness... how about a sketch for you? This is one I did for Paws!! Hope you like!

Pics of the day: Well, in keeping with the snow day, here is the snow at our place! Insane!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!! I found and added a few little gadgets to by side bar! You can follow my blog or subscribe! How fun!! :)
Be Happy!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 7... one week down!!

Wow! Here I am completing my first week of blogging! I really look forward to it each evening! Thank you for visiting and commenting! Without you, blogging wouldn't be much fun!
Today we celebrated DS's 2nd birthday! Nothing fancy, just supper with the grandparents. We enjoyed a yummy Lasagna and salad... the garic bread was yucky! LOL! I bought it last week and froze it... but man, it tasted really old! :( Oh well...
DS was getting so tired by the end of the evening. He opened his first gift and didn't want any more! just wanted to play with that! LOL! He did eventually move on, and had a great time with them all. Tomorrow will be his time to play with everything and get aquainted with it better!
I wonder of we are going to get the storm that is predicted? How much snow will come... Will there be a snow day? In some ways I hope so, but in others I hope not. So i guess I'll be happy either way! :)

Oh, guess what? I think DS is left handed!!! It's hard to tell since he still switches back and forth some... but he is using his left a lot! he's the first in our fam!! Interesting!

I'm so thankful today for my inlaws. They are just like my own parents. I have learned so much from them and I credit them with helping me become the person I am today. They are so selfless and giving... I hope God leaves them around for many many more years. I still have a lot to learn from them! :)

My house looks like a bomb hit it! LOL! But what can you expect with company and a party?! LOL! That's all the complaining I'll do today!

Scrappy Goodness!! I have 2 new LO's to share with you!!
The first is a LO I did of DD using my sketch i created for the Feb Crop at It was a fun one and I'd been hording this paper for quite a while! Pink paisley makes great stuff!! And i adore this photo of Jaz...Love the lighting!

The second is the AAM LO that I mentioned yesterday. I am pleased with how it turned out in the end! I'll share the "way it was" tomorrow. I am not usually a fan of yellow, but love this color scheme! Basic Grey... gotta love it!

And as for today's photo's... here are some shots of the big party! :) Love that underwear on the head shot!! :) Priceless!! Please excuse the yellow lighting... i can NEVER get good pictures in this room!

And as always, thanks for visiting!! Chat with ya tomorrow!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 6

Hey!! Happy Saturday!!
Today was kind of productive, and kind of not! :) I did manage to get a bit of cleaning done around the house... Floors vaccuumed and scrubbed! I even did the kitchen floor by hand! It really needed a good cleaning! Then, this afternoon I helped Dh with some paper work and worked a bit more on my LO... Then went and tore it apart while making supper! I almost never do this... but I was just SO unhappy with how it was! I had added the 32 things from yesterday's post to it... and it was just WAY too much... So I'll have to do a page another time on 32 things about me... but it won't be on this one! I was just loving the page before i added all the journaling, so when I tore it all off, with minimal damage to the page, I was able to get it to a point where I whink I'll love it again! So, it's still not finished! :) Maybe tonight will be the night...
I don't know what's going on with the baby lately... remember the other day I mentioned how well he was napping during the day? Scratch that... he's back to his old ways... not wanting to nap at all, but dead tired! WTH? It sure made for a stressfull day! He bawled all thru supper... I ended up giving him some Tylenol... I know it's his teeth bothering him... Man i hate when they are teething! It bothers my kids so much!
Tomorrow is the day we're celebrating DS's 2nd bday, which was this past Tuesday. So now i need to go and make a cake... yeah, at 8:00 at night! At least I won't be interrupted! DH's parents are coming over for supper and we'll have cake and home made icecream! Mmmmm! It should be fun!!
Today DH started the renovations to the mud room... it's going to be really nice when he is finished... but it is a lot of work for someone who works full time! Oh well... it'll get done!

Thankful: I am so thankful that My husband is good with his hands. No, you naughty girl... I don't mean it like THAT! LOL!!! God has blessed him with the ability to work with his hands. He is a plumber by trade and yet can fix and work on anything he puts his mind to. I'm so thankful for that.

Complaint: Today I've been a little frustrated. Iknow that having a new baby in the house throws things off and that there will be hard days. But I feel like I've been looking more forward to the kids being in bed than I should. I have not been enjoying my time with them the last bit, just cause things have been a bit chaotic... I am looking forward to this changing, cause I miss enjoying my kids. Sometimes i feel like such a bad Mommy...

Scrappy thought: Well, I thought I was going to have a couple of LO's to share today, but alas, they are not finished. So instead, I'll share with you a very inspiring blog... I just love Iris's work! It always inspires me! i hope it will inspire you too!!

Pic of the day: Hmmm... wht will i share with you today.... Well, the kids went out to play in the snow today. i just love the red cheeks on this boy when he's out playing!!

Thanks again for stopping by! i just love having you visit! And don't forget about the RAK I will be drawing for.... :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 5... 32 @ 32

I'm gunna shake things up here a bit tonight! :) I've got an AAM LO finished all but the journaling. i need to think of 32 things about myself! So, I'm going to brainstorm here! :)
1. I am not a late night person.
2. I love to eat out.
3. I am mom to 4 kids.
4. I'm not ready to say I'm done having kids.
5. I am addicted to scrapbooking.
6. When I grow up I'd like to be a photographer.
7. I have 1 Thesis to write and I'll have my Bachelor of Theology.
8. I love staying home.
9. My favorite season is spring.
10. I am a pretty good cook.
11. I am not the most patient person.
12. My favorite color to wear is black.
13. I love flannel pj's.
14. I love a clean house.
15. My house is far from clean due too #3.
16. I love the mountains.
17. I am a big fan of counrty music.
18. I miss having a social life.
19. I'm horrible at keeping in touch with friends.
20. I want to loose about 25 pounds.
21. I love to read, but rarely do.
22. Naps are addictive for me.
23. My favorite show right now is 24.
24. I have a very boring wardrobe.
25. The last movie I watched was Alvin and the Chipmunks.
26. I am still in love with My Husband.
27. My favorite meal is chinese food!
28. I hate winter!
29. I need to work on my spiritual life.
30. I am a procrastinater.
31. Consistency is my biggest struggle.
32. I am Happy.

And there I am in a nutshell! how I'm going to fit that on my page is a mystery to me! LOL!!!!

Tomorrow we wil get back to our regularly scheduled program! :)

Thanks for dropping by!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 4

Well, if there was a day I felt like skipping blogging, it is today. No particular reason, just tired. And yet, I am blogging! :)

Random thoughts:
Last night I went to bed at 9PM, i was SO tired!! I crashed in no time! Next thing i know, I'm awake, feeling quite sick to my stomach, with a headach like you wouldn't believe! DH was still watching TV in bed. I said to him, I'm going to be sick!! Oh, what a horrible feeling! I managed to fall back to sleep without loosing my supper. I was woken up again just before midnight. This time, it was DD standing by the bed crying, saying her tummy hurts and her throat hurt! What the heck? Then, she caughed, and up came her supper! All over me, my bed, the floor, just missing my pile of scrappy magazines! What luck! LOL! Poor thing! But within 5 minutes she was feeling fine! And by that time, my stomach had settled (amazingly!) and I was able to take somthing for my head. Back to bed we all went, after stripping mine of course! Today, everyone was fine... it was very strange! Glad it wasn't any worse than that... and hope noone else gets it!

Made a double pan of lasagna today. DH is taking lunch in for work tomorrow. Every Friday they alternate taking lunch for everyone. (A few take part...) And since I'm having Damden't bday party this weekend, I thought i'd kill 2 birds with one stone! Looking SO good!! Mmmmm...

School was canceled today, due to the coming storm. It is storming now, it started around noon. Glad we are all home safe and sound. Probably will have a 1 hr delay in the morning... hoping so anyway!

This afternoon was kindof a sleepy day. So, the 2 youngest were napping. The 2 oldest were coloring, so I decided to doze for a bit. Next thing i know, the older 2 are on the couch with me! Then DD moved to the Love seat, and DS came up to snuggle with me. We all fell asleep! So there I slept, cuddeling with my 3 year old all afternoon! What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon! i wouldn't trade it for anything!! Then DH got home from work early, and we had a family movie night! Alvin and the Chipmunks... Great movie!

Was talking to my sister yesterday, they have set a date for the wedding!! Yay! I'm Matron of Honor... Looks like possibly a Sage green dress? Should be nice! It sure gives me incentive to take off this baby weight now for sure!!

Thankful: I am thankful today for a warm home, food to eat, and a family who loves me! So many people are not as fortunate... and I thank God for all of his blessings!!

Complaint... That I can't be this thankful every day.

Scrappy thought: Just want everyone to know there is an online crop this weekend at We always have a blast! Come on by and play!!

Photo of the day: Here's my Sammy, my napping buddy! I LOVE his laugh and his smile! It's infectious and SO contagious! Love you Little Man!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 3

Here I am again... second time today! Whoo!!

Random thoughts:
Why is the computer so addicting? Man, i couldn't keep off of it today! Nothing in particular, just browsing, but got nothing else done in the meantime!! I'm considering asking DH to take the cord with him tomorrow so I can get something done!! Naaaa... I couldn't do that! :)

We are talking renovations... i have such a hard time with it for some reason! Don't get me wrong, I really am looking forward to having some work done on the house, but making all the decisions frustrates me! I just wish someone else would come in and do it all... and that i'd like it! LOL!

Talking about a snow storm tomorrow... man do I wish school would be canceled!! AND that the kids would let me sleep in... FAT chance of that!

I'm SO tired... I think I'll be heading to bed shortly after the kids do. I'm just zonked!! Hre's hoping for a good night's sleep!! For all!

Thankful: Today I'm thankful for the fact that Seth is napping SO well! He napped for over 3 hrs this morning, then did it again this afternoon for almost 3 hrs!! I'm LOVEING it!! He's so much more content now! He's such a happy little man! He goes to bed around 6:30PM and gets up once or twice in the night. He gets up in the morning around 7am. He's becoming a great little sleeper!

Complaint: Well, asi said, I got nearly nothing done today... so I have a lot to do tomorrow!! Way too much, I really need sleep! LOL!

Scrappy thought: I'm looking for a new Design Team to be a part of. I just love designing for people and am hoping that something new pops up soon! Wouldn't a manufacturer gig be a dream come true?

Photo of the day... My little Man... full of smiles! Seth you are such a joy! Mama loves you!!

As promised

I told you I had 2 new LO's to post and here they are!!

First one is called "I can't believe you're Almost 2". As you can tell, I did it the day before DS turned 2! I love how it turned out! To be honest, I liked it better without the journaling on there, but I needed it there to tell the story, so there it is. i still really like it though! LOVE the look that the Hambley transparency gives it! I've had it forever! And that Basic Grey Recess paper? I had it stashed away and just found it! Decided it was perfect for this page!!

The second page is called "She gets that from Me", taken from the Reba song. There was a call out for Scrapbook Trends. It inspired me to do this LO. I LOVE how it turned out as well! Used the new template from Crafters Workshop! LOVE IT!!! And Amanda Muirhead inspired me to try glitter... though she doesn't know that! :) And I LOVE how it turned out too! but what a freakin mess!! LOL! Anyway, this page goes thru some of the ways DD and I are alike. OH MAN!! I could have gone on forever! We are more alike than I realized! Love that girl! hehehe!!

Thanks for checking out my work! :) Did I ever tell you how much I enjoy all your comments? They make my day!

Now, remember in yesterday's post I mentioned the Dollar store? I thought I'd gotten about 10 items. Well, I counted last night.. try 14!! EEK! But some were 2 for $1!! I couldn't pass them up!! So here's a pic!! The lighting is bad, cause I took it at breakfast time! LOL!

So, to honor my 30 days of bloggin, and my great dollar store find, I'm going to offer up a little RAK!! Leave me a comment any post from Now until Next Wed and I'll do a draw!! I'll send you a fun little scrappy goody from my $ store shopping extravaganza! :)

Can you believe I'm still going to blog tonight? :) I kinda look forward to it!
Have a scrap happy day! Forget the housework and spend some time with the kids! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 2

Here I am... 2 days in a row!! Can I hear a Whoot whoot!!!???

Random thoughts
Today I went to the dentist... first time in... let's just say a LONG time!! Fingured if I'm making my kids go, Mama's gotta go too!! Now I remember why I hated going so much! Something about teeth really groses me out! LOL! Evem my own, weird I know! Anyway, I have 2 follow up appointments to get some small cavities filled. Not bad considering how long it's been! Dh came too... He was in about the same boat, except he has one bad one and a couple of small ones. So, it'll be another romantic date to the dentist's office! LOL!

And how sad that it had to be today. Today is Feb 17th, my DS's 2nd birthday! My little Cam man turned the big 2 today. I can hardly believe it's been 2 years already, and that we have another baby, so he's not my littlest baby anymore! Let me tell you though, this little boy blows me away!! He's SO smart! He turned 2 today and is able to count to 10, he knows his ABC's (except for W and X which he refuses to say! LOL!) he can sing twinkle little star, he recognizes about 1/2 of the letters to see them, and he talks like a little trouper! however, he has a temper like you wouldn't believe,... nost of which i think he'll grow out of, it's just the terrible 2's! And it's just hilarious to see him scolding his brother and sister!! That finger gets wagging and he's telling them off like crazy! Can't tell a word he's saying mind you! LOL! He is so smart, he just blows me away. One sad thing though... he's pretty much lost all his curls, so that means a hair cut is coming up. I seriously think i will cry! His curls just made him SO adorable!! He will be sweet even with them cut, but he'll look SO grown up... I'm just not ready for that yet...

I'm so proud of my daughter! As you may have read a few posts ago, a little boy from her school passed away a couple of weeks ago. Just last week, one of the boys in her class ended up in the hospital. We did not know why, but this had DD SO upset! All she could think of is that she was going to loose her friend! Every day she would come home with this sad face, and the first thing she would say to me was, *&*& wasn't in school again today mom. Finally after a full week, he returned! She was overjoyed! They have played together every day since! He's told her she's his girlfriend and that it would be their little secret! LOL! Today he was waving at her saying, Hi Sweetie! LOL! This little boy has a problem with studdering and i'm just so pleased that DD has taken to him like she has. It shows me what a tenderhearted little thing she is. For that I am so grateful! She makes me so proud.

Wow! That was a lot of random thoughts! LOL!

Today I'm thankful for my boy Camden. Since it is his bday, I dedicate it to him! He is amazing and holds such a special place in my heart, as well as many other hearts! I love this little man! Today's photo is dedicated to him...

Complaining...Housework... it is never ending! I go away for one day and it will take me the rest of the week to get caught up! Oh the joys of being a SAHM!!

Scrappy thought... I am SO hooked on butterflies!!!!! Imagine my thrill at going into the Dollar Store in Sussex today and finding TONS of butterfly embellies! It wasn't all scrapbooking stuff, but they will be found on my up and coming pages!! These things are adorable! I bet I bought 10 or 12 pkgs of them, charms, flowers and other little goodies from the $ store! This place totally rocks! I'll post a pic of it all tomorrow!! So, my tip? Don't forget to look in the cheapie stores for goodies!! It just might suprise you!!

Photo of the day... my beautiful Sweet Cam man!... Love you baby.... And Happy Birthday!!

Stay tuned... I have 2 new LO's to load tomorrow!! Wahoo!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Day one

Random thoughts:
*I've been feeling so much better since I've been working out almost daily! I have a long way to go, but it sure is a good start!
*I hope Justin does well on his interview. It starts in about 8 minutes... Praying for ya Babe!!
*I hope to scrap today... I have to finish up my Mystery sketch! That has been such fun!
*I'm Tired of laundry and the day is just beginning! DH had the water unhooked from it for a day and now I'm WAY behind! Oh well... all is good!
*I love my hubby. He isn't romantic and sure does stink when it comes to Valentines day... but he's good to me in so many ways that matter more than just one day!
*I REALLY want to get a scrappy cupboard! I have the baskets and all but nowhere to put them... Here's hoping tomorrow's the day!

Today I'm thankful for it being Monday. I love my family being all together, but it gets pretty chaotic and I was SO ready for the weekend to be over.

Why am I so impatient? I get SO frustrated with myself! I get like that and it affects the entire household! I need to learn more patience!! For everyone's sake!

Scrappy thought... how about a sketch for you? It's not new, but it's one I really like! Make sure to shpw me if you try it!!

Photo of the day:
In honor of my Sweet Hubby... here he is!

30 for change

Ok, so i'm not a very consistant blogger and I'd like that to change. I have often heard that if you do something consistantly for 30 days than it becomes habit. That's what I'm planning to do. I'm going to blog for 30 days. There will possibly be days that I miss. Some days will be boring, but I will blog! Each day I will include...

Random Thoughts:
One little blessing:
One little complaint: (everyone complains, I'm just going to vent about it! LOL!)
Something scrappy!
One photo

So, here's to making a change in 30 days! Anyone care to join me?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My scrappy life

Hiya!! How's it going? Life here is good. We have been so blessed! I tend to forget that and focus on the nitpicky little things that don't go my way... When all around me I am surrounded by blessings!!
There was a little 8 yr old boy in my DD's school that passed away this week from cancer. How completely heartbreaking!! It sure does make you stop and reasses your time spent. I don't spend enough time just playing with my kids. I need to do that, because before I know it, they will not want Mommy to play anymore and it's then that I'll want to make the time. No more... I will make time for the little things. Like today Sammy wanted me to play Kung Foo Panda with him... How do you play? You run around pertending to be the characters. Man.. Mommy is TOO out of shape to play kung foo! LOL! We had fun though! But no matter how long I played, he still broke into tears every time I said I had to stop... Little squirt!

Now here is some more of my recent scrappy goodness! The Scrap Fest at Paws in giving me GREAT inspiration!!

This LO WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED was done using the new Making Memories papers! Such fun! the photo was taken at Christmas time. I'm such a butterfly-aholic lately! LOL!

This page was done regarding DD's first day of school. After being homeschooled for Kindergarden and wanting to go to real school so bad, once the day came, she was feeling a little "unsure"

I just LOVE bare baby bodies in the summer!! LOL! This pic if DS is one of my favorites! i had to use it 3 times on this page and keep the rest simple just to show it off!

I decided to do a page using all my favorite photo's from 2008... well, I got from Jan - June and there were 23 photo's! EEK! So needless to say there will be a few of these LO's! LOL!

Thanks so much for dropping by! I love your comments! Leave me one and I'll drop by yours and do the same! :)
Happy Scrapping!!