Thursday, March 26, 2009

New work AND some blog candy!

Hiya!! Been a quiet week on the scrappy front!! Did get some stuff done... one new LO using a Paws sketch by Emily. Very fun!! i used some of the new Fancy Pants goodies... LOVE them!!! Some hand stitching, buttons and Prima Devine on here...

Also been working on some "stuff" for the Mon Ame Memories crop that is taking place this weekend! Come on over and play! We have TONS of fun in store!!

Blog Candy? Did i say that? Yep!! Scrapbook Sussies now has a blog!! Come on over and check it out... leave a comment for a chance to win some goodies!!

Well, that's it for another day!! Hope to have more to share soon! Working with my AWESOME April Scrapbook Sussies kit... Mmmmmm

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 22

Hey there! How was your day? Things here are great! Nothing too exciting happening. I have been scrapping away! 2 more LO's done with the Mon Ame kit!! I'm really thrilled with my pages using this kit! Didn't know how much I'd love the Marrakeck line, but i do!
This first page is a personal reflecting page. The inspiration for it came from a song called Going thru the motions. The design inspiration came from a digi LO I seen..

The second page is of oldest DS... he is SO heavo on his feet, he sounds like a herd of elephants! LOL! So I had to make a page on it! I thought the elephants on the paper would fit perfectly! :)

Today I'm thankful that tomorrow I get to go visit my good friend Tracey T! WE always have a great time, but don't get together nearly enough!! Looking so forward to it! :)

Found out that my Momma is coming over on Sunday and is staying for just over a week! Yay!! That'll be so nice! :)

So, TTFN! Have a good one!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 21

I'm having a blast with my March kit from Mon Ame! I have 3 LO's done already, and another one in my head! I have 2 to share with you now, the other will have to wait, as it hasn't been photographed yet!

The first one is called :Who says I have a big mouth?" Journaling says, "Your Mama says you have a big mouth, that's who! The proof is in the pics, there's no denying it!"

The second is a pic of DS (oldest) from the beach last summer!

Thankful, Today I'm thankful for Music and the part that it plays in my life! It inspires me in every way... life, love, spirituality, scrapping... Music is a huge part of my life!

Thanks for visiting! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 20... Acrylic Minibook Complete!

Yay! I finally finished it! The pictures do it NO justice at all!!! I just love how it turned out!
Please excuse the chipped nailpolish in the pboto's! Sheesh... how embarassing!!! :)

Nothing exciting happening today... church... lunch... Dh now has taken the older 2 kids tapping trees for the Maple Syrup run... The younger 2 are napping... I wanna be scrapping, yet here I am! :) Ok, once this is loaded i'm going to dive into my Mon Ame Memories March kit! Yippie!!

I'm so thankful today for the sunshine! Spring is on it's way!! yippie! i said to Dh on the way in to church this morning, "It's so nice to see the mud"! LOL!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 19

Scrappiness!!! Yep, been scrapping! I have 2 more LO's from the Scrapbook Sussies March kit to share!! Once again, different style for me... but so much fun to play with!!
I also finished my acrylic mini book! YAY! I'll share once it's photographed!!

Nothing exciting to share today... Dh and the 2 oldest kids were gone all afternoon and evening... I got a nap and to scrap! Yay!! For that i'm thankful today!

I also just found out I'll be the guest Designer at Paws for April! Yay!!!

Thanks for dropping by!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 18

So, as you can tell, the daily blogging isn't really happening! LOL! In all honesty, if i haven't got anything scrappy to share, I don't feel it's worth blogging! Most who visit are scrappers, and hearing about my boring day is just not what keeps you coming back! :) So, no more daily blogging unless there is SOMETHING scrappy to share! :)

Nothing exciting happening here... just another ordinary day! Playing with the kids, cleaning, cooking... being a mom! you know how it is!! I've been doing a lot of deep thinking though... some real soul searching. i sence some deep LO's coming on! :)

Today I'm thankful for so many things! Most of all, i'm thankful for the forgiving and innocent nature of children. They don't care if you've had a bad day... if the house wasn't clean or if you haven't had a shower in days... they love you just the same and forgive our shortcomings before we have a chance to admit them. They are such a blessing!

Scrappiness!! I got scrappy mail today!! Yippie! I received my first DT kit from Mon Ame Memories! Yay!! Here it is... isn't it gorgeous? i haven't had a chance to play yet... but i can't wait to dive in!!

Also, i finally got 2 LO's completed with the March kit from Scrapbook Sussies! The thing I love about the Sussies kits, is that they are very often not things that i would buy. It gets me out of my comfort zone and forces me to do things that I don't usually do! It's awesome! Lara does an amazing job coordinating these kits, and they are filled with embellies!! Here are my first 2 pages... We had the BG Urban Prarie line and the American Crafts Everyday line... 4 papers from each line.

I'm also hard at work on an acrylic minibook. I'm loving it so much! I will post when it's finished... hopefully tomorrow will have it complete!

Thanks for dropping by!! I'll see you next time i have something scrappy to share! :)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Day 17

So, we did the doodlebops concert last night... Don't get me going on that!! What a disappointment! Overpriced tickets, overpriced stuff ($10 a piece for glow stick thingies... which we bought 3, before realizing the price!!), not the real doodlebops, yeah can you believe that!!?? Very disappointing, though the kids had fun. I guess that's the main thing, right?
We got home really late... like 10:30PM! Not bad for DH and I, but DD had to start back to school after having her March Break! yeah, she was SOME tired! So, I let them sleep in and drove her to school this morning (1/2 hr drive). Therefore, my morning was shot! i got nothing done! AND, my house was a big mess from the busy weekend, so most of today was spent cleaning and doing laundry! And can you guess what I WANTED to be doing? Yep, scrapping! LOL! I even thought about doing some tonight, but I'm zonked! i think i'm coming down with something, cause I'm just aching all over.. I hope not though!!

Today I'm thankful for my Daddy!! Happy Birthday Dad!!! I was very blessed to be brought up in a good Christian home, by 2 parents who loved me!! They were not perfect, but they did the best they could! I have learned so much from them! I miss you Dad, and hope you have had a wonderful day! ((HUGS))

Scrappy... I'm pleased to share with you a scrapping crop we will be having at Mon Ame Memories! I hope to see you there! If you come by, tell them i sent ya! :)

Photo's: Here are a few pics from the doodlebop concert last night!

Thanks for stopping by!! :)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Day 16

I'm slippin... I know! :) It's been a busy few days...And since this is for FUN and all, i didn't stress over it! Nothing new scrappy wise wo share, so i thought it'd be ok! :)

So, what's new....
Yesterday we went in to Saint John to spend a day with the kids and get some things done. Since DH had to work, i took my sweet babysitter with me. i was NOT crazy enough to go alone with 4 kids! LOL! As it was, it was still INSANE!!!!

(I got lots of scrappy goodies though! Picked up a pkf at the post office, then stopped to pick up an order from PAWS, dropped in to Michaels for a few, and then hit Walmart! Man... I'm good to go for a while now! LOL!)

So we took the kids to eat at McDOnalds and let them play for a while there, then shopping, groceries, picked up DH and went out for supper before coming home! I was SO tired last night! i was in bed before 10pm!!
Then this morning, I had to drive 45 minutes to pick up something for DH that i was supposed to tell him about yesterday but forgot... Duh! i was SO ticked that I did... Oh well! So i didn't get a lot done today...

Tomorrow we have tickets to take the kids to see the DoodleBops... I think it's a Canadian thing... it's a kids concert though. Hope it will be fun! It is over an hour away AND DD starts back to school Monday! Should be good and tired for sure!!

Thankful: Today I'm thankful forwarmer weather coming... snow is melting and spring is on it's way!! Yippie!!

Scrappy... I don't have my LO photographed yet, so I can't share... how about an a couple of awesome blogs! Here are two of the new DT members for Mon Ame Memories with me... their work is fab! Check them out!! LG and Calia

Photo's... This is SO sentimental for me... I finally cut DS's hair... He was loosing his curls and it was starting to look pretty shaggy... but MAN do I miss them already!!! Here's before and after... sniff sniff....

I am so sad... he looks so grown up.... sob.... my baby....
Anyway, that is all from me tonight! Probably won't be posting tomorrow either... So, talk again soon!


Oh drat... I've been told that blogger is having template troubles... Grrr....

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Revamp complete

Well, i've finished revamping the blog! Cool new colors! Love the new look!! Having trouble viewing the posts though... Hmmm... Testing Testing!

under construction

Please excuse my blog for now... I'm playing with some blog couture! :) Be sure to come back and check it out when it's finished! :)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Blog Candy!

I want to share with you an AWESOME opportunity to win a Paws Project kit Designed and created by my good friend Tracey!! Find out all about it here!

Day 15

Hello Everyone!

*I had a wonderful day with 2 less kids here! Got scrapping done, fridge cleaned out, ironing done... and more! Yay!
*I can't believe the baby is rolling over already! He started last week, and i know i forgot to mention it! He's 4 months today... sigh... where has the time gone! He's growing up SO fast!! He is such a happy boy! What a blessing he is!

Today I'm thankful for quiet time... It wasn't completely quiet, but today was a bit of a break for me! I went to bed at 9:30 last night and had a wonderful night's sleep!

And i've decided to cut out the complaining... There's just no need of it! LOL!

Scrappiness... I have 3 new LO's to share with you!!
The first one is called "It all begins tomorrow"... referring to DD's first day of school... it is a reflection on my part. I had fun making this, and it came togher so easy for me! I did it for the Guest DT challenge at Paws.

Second Page was done using the Feb kit designed by Tracey Taylor at Paws. I added some goodies from my own stash as well. i LOVE this Crafters Workshop template!!

Third page is my least favorite... It was done using a sketch from the Paws Winter Sketch Fest. I used a Prima Clearly Paintable transparency over the top... added some cool dimention..

I have a cute pic on my camera that I'll share tomorrow...

Thanks again for your visits!! Don't forget to comment and let me know you were here!! :)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Day 14

Howdie folks! Sorry I missed ya's yesterday! Just didn't get the chance! Really nothing to share anyway... so I'd have bored you! LOL!

not much happening today... the older 2 kids have gone to their gransparents over night! YAY! A Nice break for Mommy! Gave me a bit of time with DS age 2... which I rarely get to hang out alone with him! So it was nice!
I got to scrap again today! Finished up yesterday's page, and did another one... one for the Guest DT call at Paws So i can't post it yet! My camera batteries are dead (GASP!) so I'll have to photograph them tomorrow!
Today I'm thankful for how well my 2 oldest get along. They fight like cats and dogs by times... but they are also each others best friends... and I'm so grateful for that!
Complaint...Exercise... I have not been doing well at it again... the elliptical is sitting unused this past week... shame on me!

Scrappy... Over at Mon Ame Memories, LG Posted a thread for us to post our very first LO we ever did... and our most recent... well, you can see my most recent ones... but wanna see my very first LO I ever did? It's scarey, I warn you!!! Has my style changed, do ya think?

Now, I want YOU to post your first LO on your blog and let me know you did it.. I'd LOVE to come and see it!!

Photo: Now, there will be nothing nearly so funny as yesterday's photo... but here is one that I love... Since talking about DS and DD getting along, here is a picture of them dancing... they play prince and princess and they do the ballroom dance... priceless!!

Well my friends, that's it for another day!! Y'all Come back now, ya hear?

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Day 13... Happy Scrappy News!

Howdie!! Yep, happy scrappy news for me!! just found out I made the DT at Mon Ame Memories !! I'm so excited! This totally made my day! Ya ever get in this funk where you just feel like ya don't got it? I was in one this weekend... mojo went away and I had a really hard time scrapping anything I liked. So it just takes some fabulous news like this to get the confidence going again! :) There were some AMAZING entries there, and I still can't believe I made the team... only 5 were chosen, and i'm humbled to be one of them!! Kind of intimidated too, seeing the other amazing gals on the team! :)

Dh finally got home... now only to be gone again for a church business meeting... sigh... i think I just might scrap!

Nothing too much to share, so i won't bore you with details of my day! :) Instead, how about some scrappy goodness...

Oh, first, Thankful... Thankful for laughter. My kids make me laugh SO much!! My 2 yr old seems to be the comedial in the family... right now as I type, he's in his crib singing "Deep and Wide" (a sunday school song)... it's hilarious to hear!!! His 3 yr old brother will sing a line, leave out a word and 2 yr old fills in the blank... it's usually Deep and.... WYOIDE...LOL!! DD and I are rolling laughing!!

Complaint... Insecurity... I have it, I'm ashamed to say but I do. And I have been going thru a scrappy bout of it lately... It's terrible... But I'm workin on that...

Scrappy goodness now... Some new LO's!
Now remember, I was in a scrappy funk, so I'm not completely pleased with these...

This first one was done using a freat sketch by Joanne Ryan at Paws . I'm not happy with the 6 large brads... the rest I like, but there seems to be something missing... ideas? I'm open!! I like the butterflies... I hand stitched around the felt bflies... like the look!

Second LO, I like much better, but still feel like it could use a little bit of something... we'll see! :) I used some Basic Grey's Granola... thought they had the right outdoorsey feel to them! :) Had fun with the sewing machine here!!

Photo's: This photo I just HAVE to share!! Yesterday, I went in to get DS age 2 up fro his nap. He had been awake for a while, but was playing happily. As I opened the door, This is the sight I saw, so I quickly snuck out and got my camera! SO thrilled that i got the shot! What a little monkey! He WAS fully clothed when i laid him down, BTW! :)

Well, thanks once again for dropping by! :) Chat with ya tomorrow!!