Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Contest win!

Yay! I'm so excited! I got an email from www.cutabovescrappin.com and I won a contest that i had entered there! It was for using Prima Big Blooms on a layout! i won a $10 custom gift set of Prima goodies! YAY!! I just love Prima!! i hope they are goodies that i don't have!! :) Even if i do... I must like them!! LOL!

I have also submitted to a DT call at OPAAT... and they announce tomorrow. I don't think I have great chances... cause I think there are a lot of applicants! There is a lot of talent there... but I'd love to make it! Their kits are beautiful!! I'll post when I get the results!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Birthday girl!!

I can hardly believe that Jaz will be 4 tomorrow! Where have the last 4 years gone!!?? She's growing into such a beautiful little lady! Sometimes she's not so perfect... but don't we allhave those times!?
We had a little party for her last night with her grandparents and us... we had her cake then too. She was So excited!! She opened up most of her gifts and just loved them! Now tomorrow I'm taking her and Rause-Lynn (her cousin and best friend) to McDonalds for lunch after church and then on to the movies to see Happy Feet! I'm looking forward to it! i hope they enjoy it!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Fancy Pants

I did it! I got some time to scrap this afternoon! I did so while the kids were napping... and as usual, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I used the Fancy Pants goodies provided by them for DT work for ICS. I now have 2 projects done using their goodies, and have now to do one using the Transparent Touches and Tags! The stuff they sent is just beautiful!

It's kinda neat that Fancy Pants is the sponsor for ICS this month... since it's also the time for FP's DT call! I can kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak! I know there will be about 1000 entries... but I'm really enjoying my projects I'm making... so it's very worth doing! Even with slim chances! :)

I submitted this LO to a couple of contests i seen at Scrap Submit as well... it fit just perfectly! I am a bit disappointed in the dark areas that my scanner made on this page... but it's a lot better than my camera would do that's for sure!... Looking forward to the new camera coming at Christmas!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Card Class

Hiya! I just finished teaching my Christmas card class tonight! It went over well! I'm pleased anyway and everyone went home with 6-8 cards done... so i think they are all quite happy as well! I taught them some cool inking and stamping techniques... which i learned some of at Scrap Gala! :)
I am hoping to get some scrapping done myself tomorrow! I have some DT work to finish up and would like to get to work on the 2 DT submissions that I'm thinking about... No pressure though... right?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

My sanity.... it's gone!

Ok... it's one of those days I really feel like I'm loosing it!!! I can hardly make it thru today with the 2 kids i have... let alone adding another one in 11 weeks! Am I nuts?

I know they are just tired from being in Town Christmas shopping today... but so am I!! Give Mommy some slack, eh? And can I tell you how many people commented about me being pregnant? "You're brave"... or "You're sure going to have your hands full"... or just that look!!!
I feel like saying , "I didn't plan this one!!... but I am married if that makes things look a little better!" Sheesh... ;)

I can't blame them though... I probably have thought the same thoughts... it's just that now the shoe's on the other foot! :) And it's not fitting so well today...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mojo is back!!

I'm so excited!! My mojo seems to be back! I know we all take spells where Mojo seems to go on vacation... well... mine has just returned!! WOHOO! I really think...... no, I KNOW that my weekend at ScrapGala was just what I needed! I needed the classes... I needed to meet those amazing teachers... and i needed time to scrap without interuption! Winning first place in the layout contest certainly gave me back my confidence as well :) I was so honored to be chosen by these 5 amazing teachers!! I'd take that over the 12 inch printer any day... call it an ego thing i guess!

I got the chance to do a layout today while Sammy napped... it was for ImagineCreateScrap using the SEI sponsor product for Oct. We were late getting our product... so I'm late posting it as well!
I'm really excited about some upcoming DT calls as well!!! Junkets is looking for a Canadian member... and Fancy pants is adding 4-6 team members. Not that my chances are great... but I really want to try!! I just love both of these companies and it would be a DREAM to work with either of them! So... Dream I will... as I will be applying for both! So... wish me luck!!!

Mojo... stay with me... i have some important work to do!! :)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Forever Ago!

I know it has been forever since I've been here! So long in fact that I had to go thru a bunch of stuff to recover my name and password! Pretty pathetic, i know!! Now for an update...

Yes, I'm pregnant... 11 weeks, 6 days to go! But the good news is, I'm feeling great... and have been able to scrap!! THANK YOU LORD!!!! I might not spend as much time doing so as I had before the pregnancy, but i am scrapping and enjoying it! That is a real answer to prayer let me tell you!!

I went for my first ultrasound last week and it was just amazing! Every time i am amazed... but this time, it was different! I have not been looking as forward to this one as i did the other 2... and I know that's aweful... but it was just so unexpected! I love the 2 i have... and no doubt I will adore this little one just as much! I really needed this ultrasound to help me bond with baby! It was incredible! I could see the face... eyes, nose, mouth, ears... even a bit of hair! It was just... unbelievable! And I am due a week sooner than i thought... ?! Good news? I'm not sure yet! LOL!

This past weekend I went to Scrap Gala in Moncton. All I can say is WOW!!! I will be posting more info on it later... but here are 4 LO's that I did this weekend... outside of the classes...