Thursday, November 28, 2013


I wanted to share something a bit personal with you today... I know some of you seen a post recently on Facebook about me going thru a creative crisis... LOL! Well let me explain...
In the creative world, there are SO many different aspects to explore. And I LOVE to explore them all. However, I am NOT good at them all! I look at some designers and think "Man! Why can't I make cards like that!" or "I want to do jewelry like her!!" I look at pinterest and say "I want that to be my style"... and when I try to do or be these things... it doesn't work. It's not who I am!!! And then I found myself getting down and discouraged. I know this is something we have all done!! And it's no fun.
But then I came to a realization... A big one for me... Something I have always known...
I started this creative journey in scrapbooking and it was my passion! I lost that along the way... trying to be something I'm not... trying to be someone I'm not. God has blessed me with a gift. Why am I complaining and wanting the gift he gave to someone else? I feel like a spoiled child on Christmas, wanting what her sister got instead of her own gift!!! When in fact, the gift I was given, is exactly what I wanted!!!
Now that's not to say I won't still try other forms of creating! I love it all! But it's ok when those projects don't turn out as good as some peoples do. It's OK!!!!  It's ok for me to go thru Pinterest and deeply admire the projects and styles that belong to other people! It's a good thing! They worked hard on those projects and they deserve to be admired!!! But I am thru being jealous!!!
I am so blessed to have the backing of three amazing companies! They believe in what I do! They love what I do! So I'm going to do my best in what I do! Because I LOVE IT!!! Thank you Spellbinders, Thank you Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko, and Thank you Zva Creative!!!
And THANK YOU to you... for visiting my blog, leaving comments, emailing me... for supporting me in such an amazing way! Even thru my crisis... LOL! I love when you comment "WOW! Thank you for showing me how to do that!! For Inspiring ME!" That's my goal, to inspire YOU! And I can only do that if I am inspired myself!!
So, if you have read this far, thank you. I just felt I needed to get that out there.
I am looking forward to all of the creating that is to come! There will be all kinds of projects to come, but I have a feeling there will also be a lot more scrapbook pages! :) Know why?
Than you all, You mean so much to me!!!


  1. Such words of truth for many of us x

  2. Your post struck a chord with me Tina! I think the access to the internet and that broad crafting world is a double edged sword - lots of new ideas and inspiration but one can get caught up in comparing oneself and feeling discouraged.You are very wise, I think, to have come to the realisation that we each need to be our authentic selves and we look forward to lots and lots of awesome layout inspiration from you!

  3. You are soo right Tina, and I think, that when we first acknowledge this ourself, then we´ll be much happier and actually even much better crafters, because we don´t need to struggle so hard to be something, we´re not really at heart. I´ve been exactly the same way, but also came to the point here a while ago, that I´m NOT a scrapbooker, so I would be best leaving that part to those, who were, and concentrate on the many other thing, that I KNOW I´m good at. We can´t be good to do EVERYTHING, but we´re all good at SOMETHING, and that´s what matters, and the sooner, we all accept that, the happier, we´ll be, I´m sure. And I´m really glad to hear, that that´s also just what happened to you too, and I look forward to see lots more of your gorgeous work in the future too. Have a wonderful day and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and everyone over there in the US.

  4. Thank you so much for being open and so honest about your creative crisis and how you used it to redefine who you are and what gifts you have. I know what you shared has helped me and I have no doubt there are many others who will be touched by what you've shared. I will always longingly look at beautiful things beyond my abilities but I will also remember that my gifts are uniquely my own. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless. Sandi Smith

  5. alright girl, saying that is your passion and enjoy it, develop it and love it.... thanks for sharing. great layout in the mag!!!!


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