Thursday, November 28, 2013

December Dreams layout for Spellbinders Ad!

I absolutely LOVE working for a company that USES my work!!! There is nothing like the feeling you get from opening a magazine and SEEING your work in print! You know what I mean!! You wanna walk around the store and say, "SEE THAT? Isn't it awesome? It's mine!!" LOL!
Well, I have not seen this in print yet but it's coming! It is a scrapbook page that I created for Spellbinders and they are using it in a series of Advertisements!!!! It can be found in Scrapbooking and Cards today, Winter issue, Scrapbooking and Beyond winter, and Canadian Scrapbooker winter! I am SO excited!!! Let me show you what to look for!!

And ya know what the fun part is? There are complete instructions for this project found on Spellbinders website!!! Check them out here! It also includes a full list of supplies I used!

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Stay tuned for another post coming right up... a bit more personal in nature... but it's all good! :)
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