Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spellbinders Design Team Retreat

Hey all!! I'm back!! :) What an amazing trip I had to the Spellbinders Design Team retreat in Phoenix AZ
I feel SOOO unbelievably blessed... Blessed to be working for this unbelievable company once again... blessed to have had the chance to meet and get to know these amazingly talented women, blessed to have had the opportunity to go on this trip... blessed in more ways than I can say! THANK YOU Spellbinders... Thank you Stacey and Jeff Caron! Thank you Kim Hupke. Thank you Cathy Chlebana! You all are amazing people, I and I appreciate you all so much! There are so many more people that made this such an amazing time... but these peeps are the glue that keeps it all together! ((HUGS))

During the retreat, we had the opportunity to take 4 classes from some AMAZING designers and artists! We took a class in Artistic Wire with Juliana Hudgins. (Love this girl!) We had SO much fun and learned some amazing things!! We also took a class with Donna Salazar... love her style.

We played with Jen Cushman using Ice Resin... LOVE IT! SO many possibilities! Then we also tried out hands at glass etching withe EtchAll with Barbee! She was the cutest thing! It was much easier than I thought and has endless ideas going thru my head!
No matter where we went, or what we did, we always had a great time and tons of laughs! Here we are (above) at a BBQ spot for supper... the owner usually is not open in the evenings, but the gals sweet-talked him into opening up for us! LOL! Great food!
It was so nice to meet many new friends, and and get together with friends made last year. This is Lesley Langdon and I... Love this girl! Amazingly talented... a sweet spirit... and to beat all... she's CANADIAN! :) She was my partner in crime down there... good times! :) Every once in a while you meet someone who just feels like a kindred spirit... nuff said... :)
Some more of the gals... Christine Emberson, Theresa Horner, Judy Hayes, and Iwona Palamountain. We had some great laughs when we went out for a night in Old Scotsdale.
It was amazing... there are 5 countries represented on the team this year... US, Canada, UK, Australia and the Netherlands! So exciting!
I could post photo's all night but I won't! :) Some of these photo's were taken by other team members... I was too busy to take pics! Often too busy chatting, laughing or half asleep due to lack of sleep... thanks to my fabulous and adorable roomie Heidi Van Laar... we chatted half of the nights!! :) Good times! Oh, and my batteries died too, that's a good excuse! :)
Anyway... thanks for sticking around thru this post! I am so excited for what this year is going to bring! AMAZING things to come!!
Thanks for stopping by!
Untin Next time...
Happy Scrapping! :)
ps: Stop by tomorrow for a brand new layout featuring WOW embossing powders and lots of  Spellbinders dies!! :)

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  1. oh man- Looks like you had SUCH an amazing time! I miss being there!! :) hugs!


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