Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh.... My... WORD!!! Spellbinders Finalist!!!

Well pick me up off the floor!!! I have been BURSTING at the seams since I found out this news... I am in awe... I'm thrilled... I'm amazed and I'm EXCITED BEYOND belief!!!! I am one of the 22 finalists for the Spellbinders Team!!! This is the final round! I have this final assignment and then the team is announced! I am so excited to have made it this far! I want this SO badly!!! Here's the announcement...
Taken directly from the Spellbinders blog....
This announcement is earlier than promised, but we wanted to give our Finalist Round Qualifiers a bit more time to complete their assignment. Please know that we appreciate the work and creativity that was put into the projects submitted by the all of the Second Round Qualifiers.

With that, we congratulate the 2011 Spellbinders™ Design Team Finalists!

Lindsay Amrhein
Carolina Buchting
Melyssa Connolly
Kimberly Crawford
Tonya Dirk
Christine Emberson
Allie Gower
Judy Hayes
Lesley Langdon
Lori Leng
Kristina Markford
Mary Marsh
Tina McDonald
Julianne McKenna-DeLumen
AJ Otto
Windy Robinson
Gloria Stengel
Kim Teasdale
Shanna Vineyard
Michelle Woerner
Latisha Yoast
Deborah Young

In the final round these ladies will be sent Spellbinders™ Paper Arts product and asked to create an assignment. They will submit an essay of approximately 500 words, sharing a little about themselves personally and as a designer. This will be due on February 18.

We will announce the 2011 Spellbinders Design Team Members on February 25, 2011 right here on the Spellbinders blog.


Congratulations to the other finalists!!!! So disappointed not to see some names on the list however... :(

So, this is the final round! I can't wait to see what gorgeous dies we will be sent to work with! Thanks to you all for your kind words... I hope to have GREAT news for you all on Feb 25th!!! :) Until then... send me all the scrappy mojo vibes you can spare!

Until Next time... Happy Scrapping!!!



  1. What wonderful news!! Good luck to you. My fingers and toes are crossed.

  2. Congrats girl - I'm sure you'll rock it!

  3. Congrats Tina!!! Fingers crossed we both make it!!! ;)

  4. Oh my goodness, that is fabulous congrats! good luck!

  5. Tina, that is absolutely fabulous. You deserve this girlie!! Mojo comin' at ya!!

  6. Congrats, Girlie! And Good luck! (not that you'llneed it!)

  7. Congratulations Tina. (-: I've got my fingers crossed too! Would love to be on a team with you. Cheers, Jules.

  8. Congrats and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!! :)


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