Saturday, December 18, 2010

Paris Creativity Project #4

Well here I am with my 4th and final project for my Guest Design spot with Paris Creativity! And I think this is my favorite project of the 4!! I am so pleased with how well these papers worked for this one!! :) Check it out! Then I will give you a tutorial so that you can complete one for yourself!! :)
I just love making these rolled paper flowers! You can find them on many of my projects... (including this altered cookie tin)... While creating the tin, I had this brainwave to create more Christmassy themed projects with them... and this is what I came up with! The flowers are not at all difficult to make, but they are a bit time consuming. Especially if you are making approximately 50 of them... like I did for this! :) However... it is well worth it! In real life... this is stunning, if I do say so myself! :) Would you like to learn how? Sure you would! Here goes!! Here's what you need...

Patterned paper: I used Paris Creativity Rock Star Diva collection theme pack.
Strong adhesive: I used Helmar liquid scrap dots
Stickles or glitter glue
1 Styrofoam ball
Long stick pins with a large head
2 inch circle punch
Silver thread, ribbon or something to hang it with

How To:
1. Using punch, cut out several circles from patterned paper.
2. As shown in the photo, cut a spiral from outside to center.
3. Starting from the outside, roll tightly to form a flower bud. Tuck final but under and around to form the base.
4. Now, set the flower down, allowing it to uncoil some and relax.
5. Open the bottom flap and apply a nice fat dab of Helmar's liquid scrap dots. If you don't have any... get some! LOL! But for now, you could try a hot glue gun... or another really strong adhesive. Press the flower into the glue and hold for a bit until set.
**At this point, I would set the flower aside and create another... the liquid scrap dots will need some time to cure. There are lots of flowers to be made... :)
6. Once flower is well set, apply a dab of liquid scrap dots to the bottom of the flower and stick to the Styrofoam ball. To hold in place, i stuck a pin thru the center while the Scrap dots cured. Again, if no Scrap dots are available, you could use a glue gun or other strong adhesive.
7. Repeat step #6, adding flowers tightly to each other, thus reducing the amount of Styrofoam visible between. Using a light colored paper helps it to be less visible. If you choose to use a darker colored paper, you might want to paint the Styrofoam before you begin.
8. After the entire ball is filled with flowers, I added a stick pin to the top and tied a silver thread to it. You could use a ribbon or whatever you like for this step! :)
9. Allow the ball to sit overnight to be sure all adhesive has time to set. In the morning, remove all stick pins.
10. Add stickles to each individual flower in a swirling circular motion. Don't be too fussy... it's going to look fabulous when it dries! (You will notice that i had done this before letting it sit overnight. It made a mess on my pins, but if you're ok with that it does cut down on drying time!)
Once this is dry, you are done!! You're ready to gift it... or display it! I had initially planned to hang it on my tree... but it is a bit heavy... so it's more of a kissing ball for me... taking the place of my mistle toe! :) Regardless of where you hang it... be SURE to hang it where it will be seen! Any project that takes that much work deserves it!!
And there you have it!! My Rolled Flower Christmas Ornament!! I do hope that you have found this tutorial helpful! I would LOVE to see any projects that you create using these rolled flowers! I did not come up with the idea for these flowers... there are lots of people who make them... I'm just one person who ADORES them!! So THANKS to the person who first stumbled upon this idea!! :)
Anyway, I gotta go get some gifts wrapped!! They are not going to wrap themselves!! :)
I hope to get back online before Christmas... but in case we miss each other... I want to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thanks so much for being a part of my life... ((HUGS))]
Until Next Time...
Haooy Scrapping!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! I love the monochromatic blues and the added glitter! :)

  2. Tina! This is incredible! I have to make one of these! Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial! Your time and talent is truly appreciated! It was a pleasure having you guest design with the line! You have amazing talent!!
    Merry Christmas! xOxO

  3. If you ever wondered why I'm such a "HUGE" fan of yours Tina, it is because of creative art pieces like this. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS...just like you :-)

  4. I love it Tina, gonna have to give that a try I think!! Thanks

  5. Love this Tina!! I am going to have to try it!!

  6. This is a great idea. Love it going to have to try my hand at this one. Thanks for the idea.

  7. Thanks for sharing…I´ll feature on my blog..I hope you don´t mind.
    Hugs from Brazil

  8. This is fantastic girl :)


  9. This is definitely gorgeous,I love it so much.
    Great job.


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