Saturday, January 02, 2016

One little word for 2016... Progress

Hello!!! Wow, has it really been so long since I've blogged??? Time sure flies!! It's been a great break, but I'm looking forward to returning to my blog some!! So much has changed since I last blogged in May!! As of yesterday, I'm a free woman! I no longer am designing for any design teams! Such a strange feeling!!! Kind of looking forward to doing some designing for me. I haven't done that in a very long time!! It's kind scary too! I absolutely LOVE designing on teams, but I guess change is a good thing. It's all what we make it, right? So here's to having some creative fun in 2016!!!

Speaking of 2016... I have chosen my word for the year...

I often make changes and expect it to happen overnight. So this year, my goal is to make small changes regularly, so that in the end, there are great results!! 
Blogging is one of those things!! I will certainly not start blogging daily... (ha!) but I will be trying to do better. Progress, right?? ;)
There are so many areas in which I want to see progress this coming year. I have looked back on 2015 to see where there has been progress... there certainly has been lots! And it inspires me to work on seeing MORE progress in this coming year!!
*Progress in my journey to a healthier me. In 2015 I have worked hard to loose over 25 lbs. I am still working hard to become more fit and healthy. Healthy eating habits and healthy fitness goals. I want to continue to progress in 2016!!
*Progress in my home. I want to continue to de-clutter, organize and renovate! Every little thing done is progress!!
*Progress with my relationship with my kids... Being a mom to a teenage girl isn't easy... I want to continue working on our relationship. And 4 boys... one beginning middle school in the fall. I want to continue working on being the Mom they need me to be.
*Progress in my marriage. I could say it's perfect now... but who am I kidding!?! Marriage is hard work. At least for HIM it is! I'm not always the easiest person to live with, I'm sure. i need to work on being the best ME I can be... so our marriage is stronger. I adore my hubby and am so blessed to have him in my life!!
*Progress in my spiritual walk. I am so inconsistent in my bible study and prayer. I pray that I will grow stronger in my faith this year and that God will help me to see progress in my time with Him.
*Progress in my creative journey. I am at a very special place in my creative journey... a place of total freedom. And while I adore my design team work, I need to embrace this time and see where it leads me! I have already begun Bible Journaling... something very new to me! 
*Progress..... the journey is never ending!!

Thanks for stopping by... I know I'm a stranger now. :) But I look forward to spending more time here again... to see where this journey of 2016 takes me... takes us!

Tune is again soon to see my reflections on 2015... some of my favourite projects and favourite moments!
Until then...
Happy Creating!!


  1. Hi Tina....You're no stranger to me!! wonderful tutorial that you're shared in your PROGRESS report. You aren't alone in this journey, SISTA!

    1. Hey Susan! Thank you for stopping by, and for taking the time to comment!! Progress report!!! I love that!!! Gunna have to use that! Have a great year!!

  2. You're a doll, Tina! I'm sure whatever God has in store for you this year while be just right. :) And, I'm sure your Bible journaling will be great. I really enjoy it and find God always has something to say. :) Blessings to you sweet lady!


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