Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Starting something new!! Video Blogging Intro!!

Hey everyone!!! I know, y'all figure I quit blogging, didn't ya? Well, you're kinda right! LOL! I was having computer issues EVERY time I tried to write up a post... plus it was summertime and so I said forget it! I took the summer off!
So now I'm back, and I'm going to try something new! I really like having posts on my blog regularly! But I really don't care for writing them up! Does that make any sense? So I'm going to try video blogging!! It's not a new idea I know, as I'm sure many people are already doing it! But it's new to me and that's what matters, right?
So here is a silly, tackey, slightly embarrassing video that I made to introduce me and my goal with this!
These video's will be real, non-edited, straight from the camera kinda deal! That's what I'm looking for, simple and to the point! I'll still be having my video tutorials occasionally with good editing and full instructions. These will be just showing a project and giving some info about it! Each clip will have a tip or idea! And of course, there will be TONS of Spellbinders ideas!! :)
So here goes! I really hope you will follow along with me on this new journey! I hope that you will follow my YouTube page and my blog in an effort to be informed each time there is a new episode! :)
Enjoy! ;)
So... Episode one will be up later today!

And to encourage you all to be following along, I'm giving away a prize package!!! Yep!!! Here's how you can win!
*Follow my blog and my you-tube page!!
*Share this blog post on your facebook page!
*Leave me a comment for each thing above that you do and you can be entered twice to win!!! Please share with me where you heard about this and who shared it with you!!

So, in my first video later today, I will be showing you the prize that you are eligible to win!!!
I am so excited about this new adventure!! I hope that you will join me!!!
So, until later.....

Happy Creating!!


  1. Great start to the video blogging! I love that I can follow you via email because I suck at remembering to check things out unless it's hand delivered. (bad friend ... I know)I'm happy to subscribe to your youtube channel, and happier still to find out that there are 5 videos there already! You'll do wonderfully with this new adventure!

  2. Awesome!! Love that you are doing this :)

  3. Super idea, Tina! I love it. I am a follower of your You Tube channel!

  4. I am now a follower, signed up by e-mail! Thanks!

  5. I heard about your new blogging from your post on FB. I am following on Pinterest too. Love you work and have been a follower since Paws on Scrapbooking!!

  6. I've been wanting to do videos for the same reason. You go girl! ;)

  7. I love your vids! Did both things,,....now I hope and pray my lucky stars alighn to pick me! Awesome, I have been wanting to embrace this but am too frightened....I am not sure of what??? The utube monster....lol

  8. WOUW this is so cool.
    I´m already a follower on both your blog AND on You Tube as well, but I´m not on Facebook, so can´t do that part I´m afraid.
    I heard about this from you on your own blog as like I said, I has already been a follower for a very long time ha ha ha.
    I really look forward to see a lot more of your wonderful projects in the near future, so go for it girl.

  9. Janet M1:12 PM

    go girl! following your blog via Facebook and just subscribe to your youtube videos!

    see you soon, Hugs, Janet

  10. What a beautiful intro to your new journey! I will be watching - can't wait to watch more of them xxxx


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