Saturday, March 16, 2013

Let's Get Creative With Dies, Episode 3

Hi everyone!
Just stopping in quickly today. I've had a week of sick kids... STILL sick kids.
So for this week, I am going to have you view the Masking technique video that I created for my blog post for Julianna Hudgins Positively Me collection. I would like to expand on this technique for you, and I will... but it is just going to have to wait for a few days!
Life happens... and family comes first. Right?
Thanks for your understanding!
So here is the masking video once again... LOVE this technique and will be using it a lot more I think!
So, until next time, when my kids are healthy...
Happy Creating! :)


  1. Don´t you worry, family will always come first to all of us, I´m sure, and that´s also, how it should be, and noone can cover ffor a bunch of sick kids or anybody getting sick, so you just take your time and do, what you have to do first, and we´ll all be here, whenever you´re ready to share the next chapter okay.
    Hope you´re all feeling much better real soon and that you can get back to normal days again. Take good care hun and don´t rush anything okay?

  2. Great Techniques thanks for sharing them.

  3. Thanks for a great tutorial Tina - I'll be trying that - loved your little cards. Hope your family are well now.
    Heather (UK)

  4. This is such a great technic. Love the seed bead sunflower centers! TFS.

  5. So sorry your kiddos weren't feeling well, but thank you for sharing this video instead!


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