Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Thank God for answered prayer

I want to begin by saying thank you to all of you who have emailed me, commented, or taken the time to touch base and let me know you are thinking of and/or praying for my Dad. In the last post about Dad, things were not looking good. We were told there was nothing that could be done. As you can imagine, it was devastating.
I am THRILLED to share, that diagnosis has changed. Dad has been diagnosed with Limbic Encephalitis caused by an Autoimmune Disease. He was given MANY tests, and we are still waiting for blood work to come back from the Mayo Clinic in Boston. But they have not found any problems anywhere in his body, except for his brain. AMEN to that! They were afraid that it may have been caused by cancer or a tumor somewhere in his body. But it is not... there is absolutely NO reason!! THAT is a huge answer to prayer!!!
So, in Jan they started Dad on a cortisone treatment, which lasted 7 days and made a big difference. This treatment reduced the inflammation in his brain. Then, last week they repeated another set of this same treatment, as well as give him a new one. This one is called IVIG. It is basically filling filling him with antibodies harvested from aprox 20,000 blood donors. They hope with this is that it will help to correct the path of the antibodies attacking his brain. Amazing! When we were told there was nothing they could do...
Dad just finished this treatment and is doing amazing! The doctors have ordered another round of this at the end of Feb. For now he is being transferred to the Rehab unit in the hospital so that they can focus on helping him to remember things. Hopefully after the next set of treatments he will be able to come home...
That's such an amazing thought... we never thought it would happen. God has answered so many prayers regarding Dad... so many little things... I couldn't begin to list them all. I'm just so grateful to serve a God who cares...
Even if things had not turned out as they have... God is still faithful... he has a plan. I'm just so thankful that His plan is to keep Dad around a while longer. I am so blessed...
Thank you for your prayers... keep them coming!!


  1. Rejoicing with you in both our God and your father's recovery :) Praying that it continues to be full of blessings and miracles!!!

  2. rose steeves10:03 PM

    Tina, you don't know how relieved I am to hear that news about your dad. Our God IS an Awesome God and I am so very thankful that He has heard our pleading prayers and answered them to our benifit. Thank you God !! and thank you Tina for posting that ,I kept wondering why they never did put a name on what the problem was. Now I know and continue to ask our Great God to bring him back to his normal self where he can go home. Praise God.

  3. May our Heavenly Father continue to favor his recovery and keep all of you. So grateful your father is improving!

  4. SO happy to hear about the update!! Hugs to you, Tina! Continued prayers of recovery for your dad! xo

  5. What wonderful amazing news, so happy for you all :) xx

  6. Wonderful news Tina, we will keep you and your family in your prayers. God is GOOD!!!!


  7. Praise the Lord. That's wonderful news.

  8. Tina, I don't know you, nor have I followed the posts about your dad, but I did read this one. Your faith is amazing and inspiring. You are blessed. Hugs.


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