Saturday, September 12, 2009

Scrapbook Sussies... Great time to join!!

This was just posted on the Scrapboook Sussies blog!! Check THIS out!!

To sign up go here...


Remember how the 2009 Year of the Sussie started? How you had to be a member since January to partake?? Well, I can't stand it anymore and I had to come up with a new twist that allowed me to include EVERYONE!!

So... for the final quarter of 2009, beginning with the OCTOBER kit, a special deal is in place!! For every monthly kit that you get in the last quarter of 2009, your name will be entered into a special drawing. Even if you haven't been a subscriber since January! So you can get as many as three entries if you get all three kits! (You do the math!)

WAIT! There's more!! MORE?? How can there be more???

For every kit that someone you REFER to Scrapbook Sussies gets in the last quarter of 2009, you get your name entered into the drawing along with them getting their name entered! All you have to do is have them enter your name in the Comments/Special Delivery Instructions section of the shopping cart! So - refer 4 people, they all get all three kits, you get your name entered 12 more times! (Again with the math comment!)

Now, obviously, I have to make this thing worth your while, right???

So... the prize for this fantastic drawing is well over $200!!!

A HUGE PACKAGE OF FLOWERS FROM PRIMA (Worth over $150 alone)!!!
SEI Moravia Assortment Pack
One sheet of each paper in the SEI Winter Song Line
One sheet of each paper in the SEI Christmas Mint Line
One Making Memories Slice Apron
One SEI Moravia T-Shirt

Pretty great, eh??? So if you haven't tried Sussies or you haven't recently, at least get yourself signed up - because space is becoming very limited! Then go get your friends!!!

(And now, with space filling up, it's the perfect time to get on board because the 2010 YEAR OF THE SUSSIE is going to be even better than 2009!!!)

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