Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chat and LAUGH!!

Well, I'll be back later today to post a couple of LO's... but I just felt like blogging now... so why resist the urge, right? LOL!
Upsy Daisy posted their team... No Tina! :( Oh well!! Congrats to those who made it though!! No Canadians in the bunch!! Interesting....

That Leaves MSB.... They announce on Oct 1st!! The wait is killing me! LOL!!

i submitted abunch to Scrapbook Trends... and never got one call... I think I may know why though. I took a big shortcut on my submissions... I didn't list my products... even though they ASK for them. I said tha tthey could be provided upon request... Oopsie! Won't do that again! :( Maybe I wouldn't have gotten in anyway! One never knows! :)

Now on to my laugh of the day... EVERY time I look at this pic it makes me LAUGH! REALLY hard for some reason! This guy is SO full of funny faces... This is just one of the most recent!! He's such a hoot!!
Back later with some LO's!! Until then... Have a Great Day!!


  1. they made a big mistake in my opinion! You should have gotten it! {{HUGS}}

  2. I was bummed for you, T and me not making it (although I didn't expect I would make the cut) (I was sure I was going to be congratulating SOMEONE I knew on this). Your application was still fantastic, Tina! (HUGS)

  3. That photo is just plain CUTE!!!!


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