Saturday, August 29, 2009

Upsy Daisy Submission

I'm a little hesitant to share this... Not sure why, just a bit unsure i guess. I am really happy with how it all turned out, i just think that compared to many of the applications it's not going to look like much. however... that being said... i did do it and am pleased with it! So, here it is!!
First one: Of my baby boy... he's such a cutie!
I tried to show my simple side with this one... simple and circle... 2 of my favorite things... and of course journaling strips!! :)

Second: Went with a romantic classic look here. Hand made the flower... and did some fussy cutting, This is my sister's engagement photo's... taken my Jason McNeil Photography. Ht did an AMAZING job!!!

I think this third one is my favorite! SO me right now!! Lots of white space, distressed and yet simple. Love how it turned out! Kind of unique I think! :)

Well, there it is!! And to be honest... they are taking 3 designers? What are the chances? But ya know what? I'll NEVER get it if i don't try, right? And I am happy with these projects, so that's the main thing, right? It doesn't hurt to hope that THEY like them too! :)

BTW, I haven't sent them in yet... doing that once i get some better detail shots of #3... sos if you have any thoughts or advice, now's the time!! :0
Thanks so much for looking!
Happy Scrapping!!


  1. I guess you did rock them all hun!loVE all of them.I reckon you need to go on with submitting them!Goodluck! TC!

  2. Tina, these are just outstanding! They are each and every one so unique. I love all the little details you do in the upper corner, esp. the way you added photos on the third. Clever. Best of luck to you. You have a fantastic submission!

  3. OMGosh!! You silly girl;)
    These are ALL BEAUTIFUL!! LOVE the classic simplicity of the first one (AND I LOVE the detail where you peel apart the paper-I can NEVER figure out where to do it on my LOs but you keep inspiring me to try!)LOVE the romantic details on your sis's LO (and the handmade flowers are PRIMO!) and ALL the fun shabbiness of number 3. SERIOUSLY-best of luck (but based on this submission-I don't think you will need it!)Fingers crossed for ya!

  4. UN-BEEE-LIEVABLE! Gorgeous work...this is such a great representation of your style. Best of luck.

  5. beautiful work Tina, love the look!

  6. i have to say you did a BEAUTIFUL job of the page with our engagment photos. HOWEVER....our photographers name was Jason maclean;) hehe


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