Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The time has come...

Hello friends! It's been a long time since I've blogged... and this will be my last.
With mixed emotions I have decided that it's time to hang up the scissors... so to speak. My time creating has come to an end. At least in the public eye. There may come a day that I scrapbook again, but it will not be publicly like it has been.
I just feel drained, depleted. Nothing left to give. It's time to invest time into making the memories instead of just trying to preserve them! I'll still take tons of photos... probably more, as I'm not just looking for that one perfect shot for my page. I'll try to keep things documented so that the memories are not forgotten. Simplify.
I have loved so many things about creating in the paper craft industry!! I have had the honour of designing for some amazing companies!! I'll forever be grateful to those who gave me a chance and taught me so much!!! You know who you are...
I have put off this post for a while... wondering if maybe I'd get the urge again. But nope... every time I think "I should do a page" I get a sick feeling in my stomach.
So thank you to those who visited me here and were such an encouragement to me with your kind comments!!
Much love....


  1. Totally understand!!! You have been amazing with Spellbinders and I was always be grateful for your creations with them :) Thanks for putting up with me and THANK YOU for all your hard work there xo Keep posting on FB so I can keep up with your sweet family!

  2. Yep i understand too and I am so happy to hear that you will be spending time making memories with your kids and enjoying life. I am so grateful that i had the chance to work with you and will always treasure those amazing and fun filled days in Arizona with you!! Big Hugs from Cali :)

  3. <3 Nothing but love for ya! <3

  4. Tina - I had the privilege of first meeting you at the Spellbinders retreat years ago now and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to have met you and become friends. You have inspired myself and so many others over the years and I know that whatever new path you venture down, you will always share your love and passion with others. 😘

  5. Understand completely and considering the same thing. I feel like I've lost touch with the reason I started. Life is short, hope you enjoy your free time!

  6. Understand completely and considering the same thing. I feel like I've lost touch with the reason I started. Life is short, hope you enjoy your free time!

  7. Hugs. It's the right decision at the right time for you. You are gifted and you will make good use of your gifts in a way that honours God and blesses your family. You are the absolute best!!

  8. I fully understand too....and thankful for the pleasure of getting to know you....love and admired your work and you have been a great creative inspiration.
    wishing you lots and lots of fun enjoying life and your family.
    Hope we can stay in touch!
    Big warm hug all the way from Holland

  9. Big hugs to you! So happy to have had the chance to meet you and had tons of fun at the retreat!

  10. {{{Tina!}}} Understood. . . And that joy that creating brings WILL come back!

  11. YUCK!! but I understand some of what you're saying; w/your large family I often wondered how you did what you did;it's been a wonderful blog & an honour to have met you!!you shared much creativity & inspiration w/me, that of which I'll not forget. Happy times await you & not just w/scissors, paper & glue!

  12. I'm so sorry to hear this from a selfish perspective as I adore your pages especially SO MUCH! But I totally understand and at the end of the day for all the work we put into design work it needs to be fun as well. Enjoy making those memories and documenting in a more personal way. I know I will always be blessed that you were creating in this industry which led to me having the honour of meeting you, getting to know you and having a special friendship! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself over the years with us all xxx

  13. Dear Tina, I hear you loud and clear my friend! You are such an amazing person on so many levels and I am grateful for the opportunity to meet you in person. I am so grateful that friendship is not restricted to who we design for but formed in the heart. Thank you for being who you are - you are a'breath of fresh'air my friend!! Love you Sistah!! #lookaftertheinnernerd #eternalfriendships #grateful xoxox

  14. I love you sweet Tina! so happy for you to step into the next journey of your life ... remember life is full of so many wonderful seasons.... as one chapter closes so many more chapters unfold before you. XOXO!

  15. Big hugs Tina!!! I absolutely understand! But at same time I'll miss you!!!
    It's been such a pleasure to know you!!!! You always made me smile at the retreats! Thank you!
    I'm happy for you to take more time for your family and yourself. It's truly important to take care of you first. Wishing you the best! Love you! ❤️

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