Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Where have the last 2+ months gone??

Wow, what a spring it’s been around here! Since my last post (yes, over 2 months ago) I have been sick with Bronchitis, my Hubby had a SEVERE case of Pneumonia, We traveled to New Hampshire for my daughter’s dance competition, I was in Truro, Nova Scotia teaching 3 classes for a crop there, Boys had a Karate tournament, Jaz had a weekend of dance shows, Birthdays, our anniversary…oh my word, the list goes on and on!!   It’s been a memorable spring… to say the least!

So, as we all know, when life goes like this, something gets left behind. And once again, my poor blog has been neglected…  Neglected? Yes, but never forgotten!

I know I have a contest to finish up, with the Let’s Get Creative with Dies series!! I will do one more video for you and then do my draw for the grand prize!! J I’ll give us a bit of time to get back into the swing of me actually updating my blog! LOL!

So… what is new since last time I blogged??

Well, I am no longer a member of Spellbinders Design Team! WHAT?? Oh yeah!! That’s right! I was offered a PROMOTION!! I am now a member of the Spellbinders Inspiration Team!! SUCH a huge honor! THANK you to Stacey, Kim, Cathy  and all the others at Spellbinders who believe in me so much!! It is SO humbling…   It still amazes me that I am a part of this amazing company!!  And while I am THRILLED with this promotion to Inspiration team, I am also sad to be leaving the actual Design team. I LOVED being a part of this team!! I guess change scares me a bit… but that is a normal part of life! So, here’s to embracing change!! Whoot!  Also congrats to Lesley Langdon and Windy Robinson who are also promoted of the Inspiration team with me!! So glad to be working with these 2 amazing designers again. And here is the entire team! What a group of incredible talent! Honored… to say the least!! Holly Simoni, Kazan Clark, Julie Overby, Windy Robinson, Lesley Langdon, Moi, AJ Otto and Josie Cirincione.

With this change, I will no longer be creating 4 projects per month for Spellbinders. I will now be creating 2 projects… complete with full video tutorials to go with them! SO excited about this change! So you should be seeing lots of video’s coming from me coming up! Hoping to get my studio set up with great lighting for easy video sessions! Big hopes that it all comes together as I’m hoping!

So now that this is my only creative responsibility, I have a couple of opportunities that I am seriously considering applying for. I’m in turmoil… do I take the summer and just enjoy the slower pace? Or do I jump at the opportunity to even APPLY for these AMAZING companies!  Decisions Decisions…  I LOVE the idea of trying something new. One of these opportunities I’ve been waiting for for a while!! I guess all a girl can do is apply and see what comes of it, right? If it’s meant to be, it will be…

What else is new?... I’ve begun a road to regain my health. Healthy eating and physical activity have become my focus. It’s bad when your 7 year old son says “Mom, you need to get active!”… and while it ticked me off and I thought it very rude, I also knew he was right. What kind of example was I setting for my children? What was I feeding them?... It was time for change!! And I’m happy to report that so far I am down almost 15 lbs!! J  No diet… just eating less crap and more nutritious food. And getting active. Feels SO great!!  My goal is 15.8 lbs more and I’m where I want to be!! I’m not looking for it to happen overnight… It took years to put it on. I want it slow and steady… real. So I’m willing to work for it!!  Half way there!!!
So that's what's new with me!! :)
Looking forward to doing some creating and being able to share it with you!
I am going to share with you soon one of the classes that I have been teaching! Complete with a Video to guide you thru it!
So, until then!
Stay Healthy!
Happy Creating!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS with your promotion and new position in the the Spellbinders Team. I admit, I have been wondering a bit, where you had gone, but expected something might have happened, since we didn´t hear a word from you. I hope your life has settled now, so you also will have time to enjoy every day with your family. And big congrats with the fine result of the foodchangs too, that is sooo cool, really well done. And I´m sure, you soon will reach your total goal there too, no doubt of that.
    I´m sure looking forward to see some more of your awesome work with the Spellbinders dies soon again, as it´s always been such a pleasure to follow your amazing work with these.
    So just take a deep breath and let´s see what the summer will bring here. I know I´m very exited to see that and I´m sure many more will be too.
    Have a wonderful time and lots of great fun too.

  2. well, coming from a gal who's also trying to regain her health...I would say wait on adding any teams and ENJOY the summer. it's SHORT. There will ALWAYS be an opportunity to do more, in your current role and beyond. trust me! :)
    CONGRATS again!


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