Friday, May 11, 2012

Julianna C. Hudgins Design Team!!

I have been holding this secret for a couple of weeks now... and I know it's been driving some of you crazy that I've been so secretive! :) Sorry, but I just could NOT spill...
Until now!!
The talented and fabulously Fabulous Julianna C. Hudgins has decided to begin a design team.  You can't even begin to IMAGINE my surprise when I received her email, asking me to be a part of her dream... Speechless... in tears... and so unbelievably EXCITED! How could I NOT say yes!!
So... I did! And here I am today to share this exciting news with you!!
I am one of the designers for the 
Julianna C. Hudgins Design Team!!! 
For those of you who are not familiar with "Jewels" let me share a bit about her... She is a designer for Spellbinders... she has come out with her own line of die's which she calls "Positively Me". You can find them on the Spellbinders site if you'd like to see more.
She is also a GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional Jewelry Designer, Author, On Air Talent, International Teacher. But besides all that professional stuff... she is adorable. She is the kind of person who makes you excited... she is real, she's fun, and she is encouraging. I am so pleased to have a friend like her... and I am extremely honored to be a part of this adventure of hers! It's sure to be an amazing ride!! :)
Besides myself, Jewels has also asked the following designers to be a part of this team...
Holly Simoni
Kazan Clark
Heidi Blankenship
Judy Hayes
Lesley Langdon
Savannah Starr
Jeremy Bright

I have been playing around with her Jewel Goddes dies and shrink art! Working on potential Mothers Day gifts... (yes... procrastinate is my middle name!) I am not finished, but I wanted to share with you what I have so far... it's so much fun!!
This is a piece of white shrink plastic.I diecut it using the "baby godess" die template. After it was cut, I stamped using a variety of stamps from Jenni Black (script), Sparkle N Sprinkle (butterflies) and Unity (Heart). Then i used my heat gun and shrunk it down! Then I added some metallic gold alcohol ink, some gold Stickles and a touch of white gel pen! I have to say that I LOVE this piece! I found this old strand of beads literally laying around the floor... we had gotten them as part of a costume at a thrift store! I think I'll be re purposing them and using them with this piece! They go so well together! A bit of wire... a few beads... :) Makes me want to head to my studio!! :)
Here is a shot that I took to show you the die template... and how much it actually was reduced in size...
Isn't that FUN??? If you have not played with shrink plastic... you will have to give it a try! :)
I also want to quickly share with you another piece that i started... I used the larger "godess" die for this one... it is bigger of course, but still shrunk down so sweet! I used the same techniques as for the above one (different stamps) . But I allowed my alcohol inks to sit differently... check it out..
I can't wait to make this into something fabulous!! :)

So there you have a taste of what is to come... It has been an amazing few weeks and I am SO pumped about what the next year holds!! You will be seeing so many different things from me... way more than just scrapbooking and paper crafts! So if you're looking for a fun ride... subscribe, follow or check back often! It's going to be awesome!!
Thanks so much for stopping by! I look forward to inspiring you in the days to come!!
Until Next Time...
Happy Creating!!


  1. How fun! Congrats, Tina! What an amazing team. :)

  2. Congrats, Tina! I agree with Theresa, it WILL be an amazing team. Loved what you did with the Goddess. I made her into a badge dec for CHA. Looking forward to your inspiration :) xo

  3. Fantastic Tina, so happy for you:))

  4. Congratulations! What a fabulous team. Just became your new follower.


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