Wednesday, November 23, 2011

In the Christmas spirit!

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!"
WOHOO! First snow day of the year... school is canceled and the kids are home! It's just beginning to snow... but it sure does put me in the Christmas spirit! I am determined to start early this year so that it's not such a rush! I absolutely love the season, but get frustrated by all I put into it to make it so much less enjoyable. So this year I'm cutting back... cutting back on the shopping (we need more stuff like we need a hole in the head! ;) ), cutting back on my expectations of myself to make everything perfect. This year I want to enjoy MORE time... more time with my family, more time in peace and quiet, more time thanking God for sending His Son to this world... for me. More time just taking it all in. More time thinking about how we can be a blessing to others... not just all about us. That is what I am praying for this holiday season.I pray that you will find balance this season as well. Take time for the things that are important... and enjoy EVERY minute!! :)
While I'm here, I would like to share a few Christmas projects that I've been creating. I've been doing lots of creating... Spellbinders new Winter CHA prototypes are rolling in and I'm knee deep in creating... and LOVING every minute of it!!
This first set is a card/gift tin that I created. My Mom is doing a table at a craft sale and asked me to contribute some goodies! So Of course I'm happy to do so! This is one of my favorite things that I've been doing for the Holidays... cards and tins. The tins hold a gift card. So many people love to give a gift card but don't like how impersonal they feel. So give it a personal touch, with a handmade set!
This set was created using Spellbinders LF-132 Grand Rectangles, S4-114 Standard Circles LG, and S5-057 Holly Motifs and S5-056 Holly Accents. This gorgeous paper is My Minds Eye Holly Jolly collection... which I ADORE! This card was SO easy to make... I created the gift tin in the same way so that made it even simpler! The stamp is by Just Right stampers... ADORE that doily stamp!!
The second gift set that I created is also a very simple one.
Reindeer Gift Set
This set uses Bo Bunny paper, and makes full use of the festive scenes! The die cutting is less obvious in the photo's on this set. I used the Spellbinders LF-132 Grand Rectangles again... they help to give a little bit of definition to the papers rather than just having them cut flat. Which of course adds to the beauty of them! Top them off with a bow and the beautiful charms that Bo Bunny has to match their papers! I added a touch of stickles to make the snow look real and this card is finished! SO simple!
The gift tin is even simpler! No time at all and this set was complete!! Paper, glitter ribbon and a charm!
One more little project to share today... a gift box! I LOVE the gift boxes that Spellbinders released a the last CHA! This box was created using the LF 010 Square Bracket Edge Box.

Golden Gift Box
Here's how I created this one...
1. Using a small amount of tape, adhere box bottom die template (LF 010 Square Bracket Edge Box) to cream cardstock.
2. Take cream cardstock and stamp Just Right Stampers doily stamp in several positions using Watermark Ink (Clear Snap). Sprinkle with embossing powder. (Cosmic Shimmers bronze blush) Heat with heating gun. Next, cover entire area with gold ink. Using a cloth, wipe cardstock to remove ink from embossed images. This creates a resist! Then tape die template(box cover) to cardstock. Cut and emboss with piece from step 1. Assemble box pieces.
3. Cut/emboss S5-067 Anemone Flower Topper onto gold paper (Anna Griffin), excluding the flower center and the largest flower. Adhere together and curl petals. Adhere to box top.
4. Create rose using S5-050 Rose Creations and cream cardstock. I used the smaller sized die templates, curling them towards the center. The larger layers were curled outwards. I believe I used 2 layers of each size (I did not use the largest templates, as I wanted a smaller sized flower)
Adhere to center of Anemone flower topper! And you are done! Glitter, stickles, anything else can be added!!

I am working on a video of this to share with you! Hoping to have it completed soon! :)

These are SO simple and there are SOOO many uses for them, and ways to make them your own! The possibilities are endless! Think truffles, candy, jewelry... see what I mean? Never ending possibilities!
Well, I will leave you with that today! I hope that I have put you in the Christmas spirit, just a little bit! I know my American friends are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving... so I'm a bit ahead of the game for you! LOL! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and are able to spend it with your loved ones!
Stop in again soon and view the video I am creating for this adorable box!! :)

Until Next time...
Happy Scrapping!!


  1. Hi Tina,

    Your projects are super gorgeous. I love those charms, the anemone flower, the bows....simply wow.

  2. I positively love this...I have been playing with your idea today. It is amazing how 2 people can do the exact same thing but they look totally different :). I will put it on my blog when done. Thanks for the inspirations


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