Saturday, January 16, 2010


Oh my my my!!! What a busy month and a half it has been! I have not had much time to blog, scrap or hang out online!! So, first things first...

Sheesh! Just a tad bit late eh?

Anyway, I kind of had to take a bit of time off over Christmas from my scrapping due to the chaos of life... and had a tough time getting BACK into the flow of it! However, the past few pages I've done have made me happy... so that feels good!! :) Shared one for the blog hop last week... and have another one to share soon too! but not yet...

The 14th of Jan was my day to post to the myStampBOX blog... I did a tutorial... I LOVE how this project turned out!! Here's a peek... check out the blog for the details and the rest of the page!
I have also joined the LCOM contest called SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SCRAP!!!! I am SO excited to do this!! The first challenge is pretty simple... no pun intended!! :) Creat a Clean and Simple LO using only cardstock for a backround... that's the only rules! FUN!!! Going to work on it tomorrow I hope!
Hmmm... What else is new? We have something FUN coming up for the Let's Capture our Sketches blog for Feb, but i can't spill the beans yet!! :)

And last but not least... wondering about my title for my blog post? Here it is...

My goal for 2010 is just DO IT!!!
*Do not put off until tomorrow what I can and should do today.
*If i don't have time to do it, out it n my to do list.
*Have a scrappy project to do? Do it!
*Dishes in the sink, DO THEM!
*Need to take a nap? DO IT!
*Clothes need washing? Do it!!
*Stop putting things off!! They will not get done on their own and you will feel SO much better at what you have accomlished in the day if you can say HERE IS WHAT I DID!!!
*Rest when you need to... and DO WHAT HAS TO BE DONE!! Putting things off does not help... they still have to be done eventually! So just DO IT NOW!! :)

And I must say... it has made for a great start to 2010!!!

And tonight I said, i really need to update my blog,... so guess what? I DID IT!! WHOOT!!

Next post will be my top 9 projects of 2009!! Been wanting to do that, so I'm going to DO IT!! :)

Until next time... Happy Scrapping!!


  1. so happy to see your post! good luck with your things to do this year and GREAT SNEAK!!

  2. You're awesome, been wanting to tell you that, so I just DID IT!!! LOL

  3. You stamp box tutorial is FAB!! Love the page and your 2010 theme.


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