Saturday, November 14, 2009

Over the Top Award!

My great scrappy buddy, the talented Calia was so kind as to award me this blog award!!

So what I have to do is respond to the following phrases with just ONE word!! Should be interesting to say the least! LOL! Let's see if my baby brain will work tonight!! :)

Where's your cell phone: Van

Your hair: messy

Your mother: PEI

Your father: aging

Favorite Food: lots!! :)

Dream last night: interesting

Favorite drink: Icecapachino

What room are you: hallway

Hobby: Scrapbooking

Fear: fire

Where were you last night: asleep

Something that you aren't: confident

Muffins: blueberry

Wish list item: punches

Where did you grow up: PEI

What are you wearing: comfies

Your pets: dog

Friends: online

Something you're not wearing: pjs

Favorite store: LCOM!

Favorite color: Red

Last time you laughed: tonight

Your best friend: hubby

Place you go to over and over: bed

Person who emails you regularly: Tracey

Favorite place to eat: Montana's

That was fun!! NowI have to pass it on to some of my blogger friends!!
Lets say those people will be...... Some of my newest additions to the LCTS team! SO much talent there!!


Now girls, you have to do the same thing I did! Copy this into a new blog post and answer each phrase with one word! Then tag some of YOUR scrappy friends!!

Thanks for stopping by! Visit the blogs of these gals for some great inspiration!!


  1. Awesome! Thanks for tagging me!

    I'll have to think of others to tag now!

    Btw, I'm getting my application ready to apply at Scrapbook Sussies. Any tips for me?

  2. thanks

    I answered on my blog... and translated it in French for my friends :p


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