Tuesday, May 26, 2009

If this is a sign of the year to come...

...than I am SOOOO not looking forward to this year!!!
Where did THAT come from... you may ask... Oh man! Let me tell you!!

Last week DH and i celebrated 9 years of marriage... YAY! We always get away alone for the weekend, so this year was no exception. We had a weekend planned to get away, having to take the baby with us of course, whick was ok, he's suck a good baby! Anyway, all week last week we had sick kids!! DD started with a horrible cold! Stayed home from school a day and everything. Then Middle DS gets a fever, and ends up throwing up all over his bed in the night! Nice... The next day oldest DS gets sick and joins the others!! This is now Thursday and i'm ready to say forget about the weekend... but by Friday morning, things are looking better and so we decide to go.
Friday evening DH and I go and do some shopping alone... he to a auto shop, and me to the second hand store... (I'm obsessed with this!!) We meet at 8:30PM, grab donairs and garlic fingers to take back to the hotel with us and veg for the evening. We talked, ate and enjoyed some TV... went to bed at a decent time.
Next morning I get up and thought... this donair isn't sitting well... Let me just say the rest of the weekend went down the drain from there!!! DH and I BOTH ended up sick for the entire weekend!!! He slept on the couch all weekend and I in the big king sized bed!! Ugh.... I can't even say we spent the entire weekend in bed together! hehehe!!
We were SO disappointed! The baby was as good as gold thankfully... and we managed to survive... but what a let down the weekend was! Waste of $ and time... I was so disappointed not to have had any time together to just bond and have fun, ya know?

Then, we get to pick up the kids, and ALL THREE of them have also been sick for the weekend!! So I come home to a house full of sick kids... now the baby is sick also... DH took 2 days off of work and still isn't feeling right! AGH!!!! I'm ready to dig a hold and jump in!! ;)

AND yesterday was DH's birthday... poor guy! I didn't make him a cake or anything, cause he wouldn't have eaten it... His big birthday supper was chicken noodle soup! :( We will celebrate this weekend if everyone is feeling better!!

So... if this next year of marriage continues like it began... it's going to be a rough ride! LOL!!! But... in sickness and in health... together thru it all! :)

Thanks for dropping by! Hope the flu doesn't catch you while you're here! :) Y'all come back now, ya hear?


  1. Awwwww Tina, so sorry to hear things didn't go as planned. Next year will be a big one...10 years!

    I do hope everyone is feeling better really soon, I remember what a house full of sick kids was like when I was younger...it's not nice. Hopefully, the icky sickness will be gone really soon!

  2. Oh, Tina!?!?! This is NOT a sign of things to come. That is just all around crappy luck. I do hope all of you GET WEL and SOON!!!

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Doesn't sound fun at all, hope you're feeling better soon.

  4. sorry to hear about your yucky weekend
    welcome to my world of well
    really disliking 09 and hoping that nothing is a worse as this year
    hang in there
    hope everyone is feeling better

  5. OMG, hope this week is better and healthier for all:-)

  6. Oh HUn!!!Sorry to hear that..and lol,even if you are sick you still make me laugh..I hope everything wud be fine soon..catch some chat with you darl!


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