Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day RAK

Today is Earth day... I'm ashamed to say that I only know this because a note came home with DD asking us to pack a litterless lunch in honor of it being Earth day. So of course, I did! :)
I also see that there are some blogs and websites having Earth Day celebrations! Way cool!! So, in honor of this, I decided to offer up a RAK! Here's what you have to do!!

First of all, I want you to share either a Tip on hoe we can be earth friendly in regards to scrapping (And don't say use the packaging,.. cause I know that one! LOL!), or I want you to share a link where you did a LO recycling something... like packaging! I want to see your fabulous ideas!!!
Then, I want you to post about this on your blog, linking my blog!! Invite everyone over for their own chance to win!! International gals are also welcome!! :) Then, come back here and tell me you did!!
The third thing?... Become a follower of my blog! Yeah, looking to up my numbers! LOL!!! Great idea, don't you think>? if you are already a follower, then this step is done for you!!
Everyone who does these 3 things will be put into a draw for a RAK! One of these goodies is a new package of rubons about being Earth Friendly!! Very fitting, don't ya think?

So,... off you go! Link my blog and share your tip or LO!! Can't wait to get a ton of ideas!!! I'll give you a couple of days tops!!

Here is a LO where I used some of the Prima Packaging as the branch for the owl!! I know I already posted this LO... but here it is again!!


  1. Happy Earth Day to you as well. LOVE this page.

    Since I won the last RAK, I'm going to sit this one out. Just wanted to pop by and say, "What a great idea!"

  2. happy Earth day! What a fun way to win a RAK!! ^_^ will have to give this a go. ^_^

  3. I cant get enough of your Primas thats why Im!

    First, to make some acrylic embellishments,why not use those plastic trash around your house, bottles,clear food containers,you can cut them and make a good acrylic embellies.Also, thin cans like coffee cans,colas and the likes can be use to make metal embellishments.

    Second, I made a link and shout this RAK to my two blogs,here are the links

    Third, Im a follower ever since the world!

    Thanks for this hun!

  4. Oh What a stupidity there, I forgot to greet you..Happy Earth Day Ms. Earth!lol!

    Thanks hun!

  5. I need your help. Can you go to and leave a message to that post stating that "LG" invited you there. And also, be a follower to that blog so that we can win a RAK from them.

    Thanks sweetie

  6. Hi stranger-it's kateB from IBSS-remember me! It took me FOREVER to find you! Anyway, I will be lurking your blog tomorrow since I need to pack for a crop-drop by my blog and say hi! Have you been published??? Drop me a few lines!



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