Friday, September 28, 2007

Round 3....

Ok, I had fun with Round 3 of the contest... here's the project I did for it... Very out of my element, but I was very happy with it!

I chose to use oblique lines... which are lines that go neither vertical or horizontal, but lines that show movement. The swirls are symbolic of the breath/wind used to blow the bubbles. The actual bubbles in the photo are cut out with a craft knife and mounted on 2 layers of chipboard. Then there are bubbles throughout the page! It was so fun!!

AND... I just got the Round 3 results back... I DID IT!!! I made the honor roll again this week!!!!! There are now only 74 in the contest!! I'm SO excited!! Can't wait to find out what's the next class!!! I'll keep ya's posted! :)

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