Monday, April 23, 2007


Why do I scrapbook? I do it to preserve the wonderful memories that I am creating each and every day! From waking up to the sould of the kids laughing and playing... to kissing them goodnight and tucking them in! There are so many little things that I want to remember... My problem is that i don't scrap enough of these little things!! My word for the year was "everyday"... and I'm afraid I have not done a very good job scrapping the everyday! I need to remember why I scrapbook... not for DT's, not for winning contests, getting published or receiving praise! It's for the memories....


  1. That's so true, Tina! I really need to work on remembering WHY I scrap!

    Thanks for doing our blog challenge!

  2. Kristi Paulino6:30 PM

    Wow...your scrap-booking pages look awesome, Tina!!! You're so good!!! i'm not a scrap-booker, myself...too much commitment for me!! ha ha!! I enjoy making cards, though, when I find time!!! I love the creativity part of it...just can't seem to handle big projects!!! ha ha!! How are you guys doing?!


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